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“What’d I See?” – Lafayette Car Stop Attracts Attention Thursday


Thursday was another busy day in the 24/680 and several people saw things going on while we were tied up with breaking news elsewhere – writing us Friday to inquire as to what was going on.

One of those “What’d I Just See” moments occurred on Pleasant Hill Road at around 5:30 p.m. (as we were chasing Rolex Robbers in Walnut Creek). A Lafayette PD vehicle made a car stop on a vehicle believed to have been used in an earlier armed robbery (out of the area), the vehicle rolling to a stop at a service station not far from Acalanes High and police streaming in behind it – long guns up and out.

The ensuing micro-drama attracted a sheriff’s helicopter and additional units, lasted a few minutes but took on a life of its own as passersby attempted to process what they were seeing. Two people were quickly detained for further investigation of the armed robbery allegation, the whirlybird flew off to its next assignment and police took their suspects to LPD headquarters.

Maybe Lafayette residents are still edgy following a similar car stop at Lafayette Elementary School this week. We get you.



  1. “an earlier armed robbery ( out of area )” so your news article states…
    …… So different armed robbery suspects are fleeing in different directions from different areas….all here! I tell you, the place is crawling with crooks!

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