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Richmond Men Arrested For Latest Armed Rolex Robbery In Walnut Creek Thursday


A flurry of calls from witnesses in the area of 1815 Ygnacio Valley Road brought police ground and air assets on the double quick after two men reportedly pistol-whipped and attempted to steal a Rolex watch from a would-be victim left battered and bleeding in the parking lot.

The armed, masked pair allegedly struck the victim about the head with their pistols before fleeing the area in a black Honda sedan at about 4 p.m., according to police.

Anxious callers once again dialed police after spotting the suspects crash their car on Bancroft Road near La Corso Circle and fleeing into the neighborhood on foot.

An intense search resulted, with a Sheriff’s helicopter orbiting the scene and ground units conducting a search which took them to Ready Road and the arrests of Shaune Rogers, 34, and David Lopez, 33, both from Richmond.

Initial charges for the pair include robbery, assault with a deadly weapon (firearm), felon in possession of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle), and felony conspiracy.

There was no immediate word on the condition, age, or hometown of the victim, or whether the men were able to make off with their watch.


  1. Great work by the citizens and law enforcement, but this will not end until our judges and elected demand long sentences for criminals.

    Firestone 11R

  2. I still wouldn’t wear a Rolex right now. Thankfully that’s not something I need to worry about. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Guess what…………………………they’re out of custody. Just checked the CoCo Sheriff inmate locator. Hippie Ki Yay MF’ers. Firestone 11R

    • I see David Lopez in custody with a bail of $410,000. Not entirely sure how to interpret this information. Was he released on bail? I can’t find anything on Shuane Rogers.

      • But don’t the liberals among us tell us that bail is racist and prejudiced?
        (Are we maybe finally getting smart now to realize that that was stupid?)

        • Actually Greg I believe as a state we voted against zero bail and voted for the death penalty, both of which Gavin Newsom side stepped and went around. Anybody else know of a state that votes on a major ballot measure like bail, collectively votes against it and then the governor goes around it? But lets sound off about threats to democracy, I guess some people should look up the definition. How the governor of California can show so little respect for ethics, the constitution, the legislative process (executive state of emergency power 1 man law maker) and public safety from crime and from PG&E is outright disgusting.

    • Just checked and Shaune Rogers also shows up as in custody at Martinez Detention Facility with bail set at $410K. Thanks, Jeff, for the info re the custody locator–helpful to know.

  4. Two adult career scumbags like these have no business in our community. And pistol whipping their victim. Really? I would like to see their mugshots and know their history. Ms. Becton, you are under a microscope. I for one want maximum charges and maximum bail.

    • Looks like it was multiple predecessors to Becton who blew it with respect to at least one of the two. San Jose Mercury News article from November 18, 2013 available online if you google one of the names along with Richmond, CA. Looks like this will be the third strike, at the very least, even under the watered down law. A true “gimme” for Becton.

  5. Both are in custody. Let’s not try to use every story to make a political statement. Crime happens in every state regardless of political parties in power in those areas. Heck look at the former potus that bashed the liberals. He is complaining that he is be investigated for breaking the law. Great example of being a law abiding citizen right.

  6. Several days ago I saw several youths loitering across the street at a car parked next to the soccer field/tennis courts at Heather Park. One of the suspects I think I saw on sitting on a bench near the pond a couple of weeks earlier. He gave me a crazy look when I walked by – looks like the same guy

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