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Latest Watch And Wallet Robbery – This Time In Danville

Photo: DPD

Three men reportedly armed with pistols equipped with extended magazines robbed one man and pistol-whipped a witness attempting to intervene outside a shop at the Livery Shopping Center in Danville Saturday – making off with the victim’s Rolex watch and wallet.

The extent of the victim’s injuries were not immediately known. The Livery is on Sycamore Valley Road West, an area known for its restaurants and popular with locals. The incident was reported at approximately 2:44 p.m.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s robbery is not the first one of its kind in Danville.

The three gunmen in the latest holdup, described only as black males in hoodies, attacked the victim as he was walking to his car, escaping in a blue/black BMW sedan, last seen headed toward Highway 680.

Police said late Saturday that one of the trio fired a shot when the witness attempted to intervene but no one was hit. One of the attackers struck the Good Samaritan with their pistol.


  1. These are some bad dudes. The pistol whipping seems almost routine, unnecessary violence. I agree with other comments that this should have already been PUBLICLY addressed by law enforcement. Today would be a good day to start.

  2. The rescinded call for medical assistance is interesting. I imagine the police will be checking ERs for the usual suspects.

  3. How much do they get for a stolen Rolex that they have to split 4 ways?

    Maybe leave the Rolex at home for the time being.

    • Well if these thugs steal one Rolex every week they’re making a nice living. And they’re running around free to repeat repeat with our current system. The police can do the best they can but the criminals are turned right back loose. I’m just wondering with the new hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents if they can’t go after all these criminals and put them in jail for tax evasion. I’m pretty sure they’re not paying taxes on their ill gotten gain. That’s what the IRS would do to the rest of us! That might be the only way to get criminals off the streets nowadays… all the other ways are not working despite how hard law enforcement works to do it.
      And there’s one political party who I will blame it on because it’s their members that supported all of this softness on criminals. I will never vote for that political party again. Hint: starts with the letter D.

  4. So, shots fired, taking this to the next level in Danville/Walnut Creek. This isn’t going to end pretty and our electeds have their heads in the sand, the law enforcement officers are in handcuffs by Becton, that leaves it to each private citizen to take level headed appropriate action if faced by these young incorrigibles.


  5. Do we know yet how these guys are targeting the victims? Are the lying in wait in the parking? Following them from home? Getting tipped off by some in the restaurant?

    • All good questions, Ross, and ones we’ve been asking for a while now. Please see past stories for victim accounts that may provide some insight. No hard determinations made, as yet.

  6. I welcome the perps to return and engage me upon my next visit to the Livery parking lot. No police required as justice will be delivered swiftly and with extreme prejudice…

    • Vincent,

      Just make sure it’s quality and that you measure your actions versus the threat faced. Otherwise, Go ahead, make my day.

      Firestone 11R

  7. I grew up in Danville and started family here. Last year we relocated to Franklin TN as we were concerned with the direction CCC was headed in, primarily crime and schools/eduction. But I never imagined it would get this bad this fast. I came back for a visit a few weeks ago. My friend warned me not to wear my Rolex to dinner downtown, and to be cautious and watchful for people following us back to the home we were staying in in Alamo- and they were dead serious- I was perplexed. I was also informed of a regular shoplifter in Alamo Safeway who regularly gets “ticketed” for brazenly stealing high end wine. Apparently up to $950 you get off with a citation!?!? It’s sad to see WC and Danville deteriorate like this. Franklin TN is very much like a danville. However, setting up a homeless tent is illegal, all shoplifters are arrested, prosecuted and jailed. No cash bail for Assaults, drug dealing or theft.. And the criminals are aware that most everyone here is armed and will shoot- so you simply don’t see this riff-raf here.

  8. Had ENOUGH yet? If you love the USA then vote to:
    Restore free speech,
    Defend our borders,
    Dump left wing prosecutors,
    Take back our neighborhoods,
    Take back our culture,

    • We can’t wait until Election Day – but we’ll probably be on the other side of the ballot!!!

      It’s nice to be moving FORWARD again!

  9. 24/680 News makes woke Patch look like a joke…which it is.
    When a supposed news site like Patch can’t honestly report the description of suspects in an armed robbery for fear of offending the SUSPECTS, it shouldn’t be considered a legitimate source of news & information. I’m sticking with 24/680 for reliable & accurate local news!

    • Race and descriptions of suspects in unfolding crimes has been and will always remain controversial. We understand why. Our position, stated many times before, is that we believe the use of racial descriptions can help citizens better protect themselves or, hopefully, locate the person or persons of that description. We’ll use them if we have them and the description is specific.

  10. The daughter of one of the victims told KTVU, “Nothing is being done to protect the people of Danville.”

    She said she’s thankful no one was hurt or killed in the latest Rolex robbery in the Tri-Valley area.

    Firestone 11R

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