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BMW Stopped In Oakland After Extended Pursuit Sunday


Police stopped a BMW officers suspected was used by three men in an aggressive armed robbery in Danville Saturday. The car was stopped on 27th Street in Oakland after an extended pursuit by law enforcement. At least one arrest was made.

Please keep in mind that we write this AS EVENTS UNFOLD and that details may change following further investigation.

The car, believed first pursued by Antioch police on Highway 4, became the object of attention for other local agencies as it fled at high speed south on I680 and then westward on Highway 24, making it through the Caldecott Tunnel and fleeing on Oakland city streets at about 11:30 a.m.

Oakland police were actively involved in the chase and were believed to have made the stop, though that cannot be immediately confirmed.

We’ll have additional details when they become available.


  1. Hook’em and book’em…..then watch the courts let them go. They’ll be back, what were they thinking riding the same car.


  2. Danville Police Chief Allan Shields was quoted in a Danville online newspaper that he doesn’t think it’s related. The article went on to say it was “social media speculation.”

    • Hmm. That’s interesting. When you put it that way it kinda makes it sound like we made the whole thing up, doesn’t it?

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