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Armed Pair Takes 18K Rolex During Robbery At Danville Trader Joes Friday; Arrested In Antioch


UPDATE: Two men, and possibly a third, were located as they drove east along Highway 4 at around 6:30 p.m. Friday, police moving in to make an arrest after the pair abandoned the car and tried to run. A sheriff’s helicopter flew overwatch and directed police on the ground in to make the arrest. At least one weapon was recovered from the car.

One suspect is identified as 18-year-old Leon Fountain of San Jose. He was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on charges that include armed robbery, conspiracy, participating in a criminal street gang, and several weapons violations. He is being held in lieu of $380,000 bail.
The two other suspects are juveniles and are not being identified.

Video/PHOTO: EastCountyToday

Original Post:

Two armed men confronted a person at the Danville Trader Joe’s as he was getting out of his car Friday, brandishing weapons and making off with a Rolex watch worth an estimated $40,000.

The robbery occurred at 4:36 p.m. and details are still coming in. Witnesses reportedly took cover at sight of the guns, hiding inside the store. No shots were believed to have been fired.

The suspects were described as two black or Hispanic men, both around 25, and both wearing COVID-style masks and black hoodies. One was armed with a 9 mm pistol and the other was believed to have been carrying a “cut-down” or shortened AR-15 rifle – possibly a carbine.

As we’ve reported on several occasions, the thieves descended on their target, displayed their weapons and left with the watch. It was not immediately known if anything else was taken.

The pair left in a black Acura with a yellow “Baby on Board” sign in the window. It was last seen heading south on Danville Boulevard at El Cerro.

The trio arrested Friday match the description of thieves who pulled off remarkably similar robberies around the Bay Area – including San Francisco and Santa Cruz counties.


  1. Hey folks! It is time to start locking these criminals up again!!!!. But apparently it’s going to have to get 10 times worse and personally affect some of you before you change your opinion. Case in point you just re-elected the soft and crime DA.
    She indicated that she would excuse people for their robberies if it was done out of need.
    I guess these guys need some rolexes…

  2. County Assessor: “…and brings the total net local assessment roll to nearly $251.71 billion.”

    One quarter of a Trillion dollars. That’s a lot of Rolexes. A gold mine! I had no idea. I don’t wear jewelry.

    • As reported on our Twitter feed with pictures from EastCountyToday… too many people on our own site to upload an update at present…

  3. Caught them in Antioch this evening. Outstanding work! This crime spree may finally be over. All gun crimes should be charged as federal crimes with federal sentencing and time served in federal prison with no chance of early release. Releasing recidivists doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. Unfortunately it looks like they were not caught with with any watches, so probably no chance for grand theft charge. Good job by the Police to make an arrest.

    • Soft laws on armed robbery, armed robbery with “Baby on Board”? I don’t think so. You are reading too little into this.

  5. A nice arrest by our local PD’s and CoCo Sheriff. However, most of the suspects have been described as black male adults, these suspects do not fit that, so this was likely a copycat crime. Pay attention out there, particularly with you enjoy Rolex watches. Firestone 11R

  6. Is the thinking that these guys are lurking in the parking lots and watching the victims go into stores and restaurants with their Rolexs? I wonder if these were the same guys from the WC incident.

  7. If the police don’t find out who has been paying these thieves and their Rolex spotters the follow-home crimes will continue.

  8. Dear friends and relatives of these fine young men who have chosen crime as their source of income: no worries! They will be out in a few days! Congratulations Contra Costa residents for reelecting our DA.

    • Armed robbery, weapons violations, such charges are a whole ‘nother kettle of fish from shoplifting. Let’s try to stick with the facts, and the law.

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