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Letters: Groomed To Run; Newsom Makes A Move



In case you missed it, our governor just positioned himself as the spokesman for the democratic party it does not have. At the same time he positioned himself for a presidential run in 2024.

Many might feign shock and surprise at this, pointing out that Gavin Newsom has been groomed for higher political office for years. That aside, his actions (or the actions of his advisors) was a high profile win for the gelled California Boy the right loves to hate. Newsom may be the telegenic face and youthful voice the Democratic Party needs to tell its story, something both President Biden and Vice President Harris have so far been unable to do despite significant improvements in the national interest. Newsom is smart, aggressive and chose a good time to elevate his profile – challenging some pretty ugly practices in Florida and its leadership and saying “I’m the guy to take this on.”


Correy Harte/Berkeley


  1. And I hear that Gavin Newsom is going to run on the platform that “He’ll do for the Country what he has done for California”.
    They must have be crazy to think that that slogan would work. California has an Exodus of citizens happening trying to escape the place.. Not such a good testimony. Most the country is actually laughing at the shambles that California is in.

    • “California has an Exodus of citizens”.
      Let them go. Behold! We have excellent interstate highways. No need to part any seas. Just go. Best of luck! More room for us.

      California is about the 5th largest economy in the world. People come from all over the world to study and work here.

      As to Newsom, we need a leader who will keep focus on California’s problems rather than national ambition. Sadly, that’s not Newsom.

  2. The right wing trope is that if you want freedom move to Arizona, Texas, Tennessee etc etc etc. Well Senator – I’ve been to those places – and there is no way you could get me to live there. You want to live there – fine! No offense meant to the good people living in those states….

  3. For many years I worked in finance in San Francisco and read the SF Chronicle. There were lots of stories about the declining quality of life there, and the comments section had citizens and especially parents complaining and saying they are going to move to flee the city. Shockingly, at least to me, were the number of others who would chime in and enthusiastically say good-bye and good riddance. The ones who cared about how bad things were getting, left. The ones who did not care, stayed. Now SF has the lowest percent of school age kids of any US large city, and when you visit, there is a tent city at City Hall, street people, guards at the doors of convenience stores, security barriers at the fronts of expensive stores, and the high risk of having your car broken into. Go figure.

  4. Interestingly, he was at The White House today for a visit, even though (because) Biden is out of the country. Measuring for new draperies?

  5. It would be nice to see some more real leaders emerge. We need them. I think most legit candidates are staying out of the current hellscape instead of getting shanked by some nutjob – who ARE emerging in increasing numbers. The GOP is making voting easy on November 8.

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