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Armed Robbery Reported In Downtown Walnut Creek Friday

Danville, CA, Police, A 12-year-old boy shoots and wounds himself with his parent's gun.
Photo: File

Two men reportedly robbed a victim at gunpoint mid-block on Carmel Drive Friday, making off with a watch and other items and escaping in a Mercedes sedan.

No one was believed harmed during the incident, reported at approximately 6:25 p.m.

No estimate of loss was given. The two gunmen were described as black males, believed driving a white Mercedes with tinted windows.


  1. Sounds like the same perpetrators of the other robberies in Lafayette, Alamo, and Danville in the past month. …. still riding around in their black Mercedes. Am I the only one that thinks that these people need to be locked up before somebody gets hurt? This isn’t fair. And this isn’t social justice either. You will lost our minds to accept this as normal? Have y’all been smoking too much pot?

  2. We need to clean house at City Hall and get a new police chief who is as concerned with protecting our residents as they are in “social justice”.

  3. It appears this incident took place in a residential neighborhood just east of Library. Do we know if victim was on foot returning from downtown area? I fear these types of episodes are becoming so common an occurrence that the frustration of the citizenry may result in gunplay.

    • Hey, Jeff, unfortunately we don’t have enough solid info to go on to say with certainty. Perhaps the person involved will contact us after the shock wears off in a day or so and provide us with additional details as others have done. As for your last sentence we’d say we’re already there, and we’re hoping no innocents happen to get caught up in anything. We’ll reiterate our brave but entirely self-serving position against bullets being fired on crowded streets…

  4. I live on this street, you would think they can get someones ring cam to get a license plate number. I don’t understand why they can’t track these cars down after these incidents occur with so many cameras everywhere now. Is the WCPD asleep or something? this is one block away from the Police HQ

    • Hey, Barnaby, sorry it happened so close by. We don’t speak for the PDs but we’ll say these folks change cars and license plates more often than most folks change their sheets. It can be quite difficult to track down someone who strikes and steals and is gone within seconds. Not making apologies… just stating the reality. Also, some crews have been caught (see our site).

    • You’re right, they would be able to track the car, even if stolen, to the location of the police work was put into it. Look at Danville, I give their PD an A+ because they track them down and arrest them. Other departments should take notes!

      • Exactly, I was going to mention Danville. We have had at least three of these in the past month that I can think of and no arrests. One of them happened in Danville and they caught the guys right away.

  5. What can I say, always have your head on a swivel in WC, it’s The Wild West. BTW, CoCo has gone from 300 CCW’s to a couple of thousand over the last six months because the Sheriff knew what SCOTUS was going to do. So, odds of lead flying in WC are much higher.


    • Can you clarify what you mean? Ccws? Was their a particular recent case of SCOTUS that affected our CA crimes & jurisdiction?

    • You may be reading too many Mitch Rapp / Scott Horvath novels…”head on swivel” lol.

      It’s that kind of thinking with untrained persons carrying guns that is going to result in a whole lot more injury and cost than a few Rolexes. I am sure as a retired law enforcement professional you don’t really want every carrying do you? or do you? Livingston had no idea what SCOTUS was going to do. To think he was predicting the outcome of a case related NY is a joke. He’s a good guy but not telepathic and probably more worried about the $10M in settlement dollars that Danville rental deputies cost the County by shooting Laudemer Arboleda and Tyrell Wilson.

      • Bob,

        I am in favor of some minimum level of training for those obtaining a CCW, currently CoCo requires a class which is only taught by the Sheriff. As per the payouts, the shootings were both legitimate, one marginal, one textbook, the problem is a generous jury system.


      • For the record, SCOTUS decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc, vs Bruen has no immediate impact on validity/enforcement of California CCW statutes. Those laws remain intact.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen of WC, Alamo, and Danville–Remove your multi-carat diamond rings, your Rolex watches, and all other jewelry. Stow them in a (hopefully highly secure) safe. Trade in your Lululemons and your designer duds and replace them with clothing from Target. Forgo shopping at Nordys and Tiffanys. Trade that BMW or Range Rover for a beater. If, in spite of all these precautions, you are still robbed in broad daylight on the city streets, submit without complaint. This is our new society.

    • We’ve taken all those measures not because we are wealthy and need to camoflage it — we do it because we’re poor!

      • Yes, we are poor! We cannot afford to drive around or stop by one of those places where a coffee is $10 and a slice of cake $15. Imagine a family if 4 doing that! $120, because now, of course, the tip cannot be less than 20%!!! We have a cup of coffee at home and a package of $Store cookies. Wait, now $1.25 ( 25%higher)
        So our cost: less than $2.00 and we drink it at home.

  7. Lots of crime and no arrests with cameras on every block…
    What’s going on WC? Get it together. WC used to fun, now locals can’t even enjoy it anymore.

  8. Vote and pay attention to the DA’s, Sheriff’s and other local official races in your community. If you think crime is out of control, align your vote with those who will enforce the law. BTW, Rolex, Range Rovers, etc. are not my thing, but this is America you should be able to wear or drive whatever you choose without fear of being assaulted.

  9. @Editor, I realize these posts are a part of free speech, but comments on your site are trending toward the crazy, the conspiratorial, and “alternative” facts.

    • We know – you’re seeing about 45 percent of what we’re getting.

      We spend much of our time researching vague right wing “code words” or names which have been oh-so-carefully tucked into otherwise legitimate-looking posts.

      The Conundrum: Not to play censor, not to inhibit speech, and to filter out bat shit crazy expositions, trolls, and tropes without leaving the impression that these things do not exist. It takes a lot of our time and we would need a much larger staff than we have to do the job perfectly.


      • I actually live here, didn’t know what the word trope was until I just looked up the word, and have never posted anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face at Starbucks. I get censored 25% of the time. In the spirit of not censoring for content, next time you do not post one of my comments, tell me why by saying comments that contain xxx will not be posted. Thank you.

        • LV –

          Our standards for online commentary are in line with those of every other digital publication – no unduly naughty words (though we’re not prudes), no threats, no trolling, etc.

          In ADDITION to that, we’ve added no poking the other guy into a fight – or flame war. Our readers have stated, and we agree, that such exchanges are pointless and circular and boring.

          If one of your posts disappeared into the ether it/you may have run afoul of one of our standards. It’s not personal. Wish we didn’t have to concern ourselves with it at all but we do. And we don’t have the time to explain our rationale to those we are forced to delete.

          As one of our editors used to drill into us: “You’re not going to be able to please the sonsofbitches all the time. But that’s okay, ’cause that ain’t your job.”


          The Censor

  10. Posts you disagree with aren’t “crazy” or a “conspiracy.”” If you can’t handle the opinions of those you disagree with, don’t read the comments. Liberals are strongly outnumbered in any state, including liberal CA where only 24% identify as liberal. The rest of us are moderate or conservative.

    Armed robbery for a watch is out of control.

    • Guns are tools that should be in the hands of responsible people who know how to use them and when not to use them. Get your CCW, get proper training, practice regularly, and grow the number of law abiding individuals to the point criminals know they’re out numbered. I mind my own business for petty stuff. I get involved (be it directly or a call to police) if I see crime because I’m part of my community and that’s what I think members of a community should do: watch out for each other. Let’s keep Contra Costa the nice place we love it for.

      • It is my understanding that the local county Sherrif’s are not giving out CCW permits these days. If you have a tip on how to successfully obtain one I’m all ears.

    • “Liberals are strongly outnumbered in any state”
      I disagree.

      Public schools and libraries, public roads and bridges and reservoirs, universal public pensions (SSA), public health care (no one is denied ER care for lack of $), some gun safety regulation, child labor laws, 40 hr work week…All of these are WIDELY supported by large majorities, and what are these if not liberal policy? Supporters of liberal policies may not identify as “liberal”, but that just reflects today’s polarized political screamscape.

      And yes, “Armed robbery for a watch is out of control.” We can agree on that. Facts are neither liberal or illiberal.

  11. I find it interesting that many who have commented on the article appear to feel that crimes committed in more affluent areas such as Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo., etc., should be solved within 24 hours or that they should somehow be exempt from these activities altogether. Do they expect patrol cars to be stationed on every street or that law enforcement is somehow responsible or unsympathetic to their plight? This is not television. Crimes do not get solved in an hour unless, of course, the perpetrator happened to dropped his wallet at the scene along with a note stating his plans to commit the crime. We should, most assuredly, leave the sleuthing to the professionals. Personally, I probably wouldn’t trust a police person to perform brain surgery so it stands to reason we probably shouldn’t rely on armchair detectives to solve crimes with nothing more to go on then unsupported theories and supposition.

    • Luckysc,

      Well, I have sixteen years in law enforcement. Those cities you mentioned used to go decades without robberies and shootings, now they happen every week, I’ll let you figure out what has changed.

      Firestone 11R

      • Jeff, you might have been in law enforcement, but you seem to have no idea what the robbery crime statistics look like for Walnut Creek.
        For example the FBI Uniform Crime Reports show that in 1994 there were 55 robberies. Similar numbers appear throughout the next 3 decades. The same source shows 28 robberies in 2020.

  12. The vast majority of all these arrests are violent suspects with priors. The recidivism is off the charts! Why don’t we learn from these catch and release programs? It is just not working. It must be demoralizing to be a police officer when suspects gets out with no bail or they serve a very short sentence for a serious and violent gun crime. All gun crimes should be automatic federal offenses with sufficient mandatory minimum sentencing and which served in a federal penitentiary.

  13. This is the block leading to/from the dog park. Quiet, tranquil street. I hope the guy’s Rolex was fake and those thugs get a goose egg.

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