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Major BART Derailment In Concord Tuesday


High temperatures are believed to have actually shifted a rail on the BART line between Pleasant Hill and Concord Tuesday, causing enough play in the track that several cars of a passing train actually came off the track in a partial derailment that left passengers scrambling to evacuate in high heat.

The derailment caused several small fires along the lines and BART service stopped in both directions as emergency crews responded soon after the incident was reported at around 5:35 p.m.

Seventy workers were still clearing the track and making repairs by 9 p.m. Tuesday, passengers making use of an available bus bridge between the affected stations. About 50 passengers were believed to have been immediately affected with thousands more caught in the resultant wait.

Transit officials initially said there were no injuries and that all 50 passengers were safely evacuated from the westbound SFO train, though that statement was walked back after photographers from this site posted pictures of at least three passengers being loaded into waiting ambulances. All of the injured were believed to have suffered minor injuries.

There was no immediate word from BART on whether the transit company had performed track inspections as temperatures climbed well beyond 100 degrees in some parts of the 24/680 Tuesday.


  1. for the record… a “train” is a string of cars. one train. sending additional “trains” to derail after the first would be unwise.

  2. Six hours later, you are sticking by it.
    I’ll wager a $20 movie ticket that the lead statement: “Several BART trains have come off their rails” is categorically false.

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