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Busy Day In Little Moraga Monday

Reader Submission

First, a grass fire got neighbor’s attention near the Moraga Country Club, we broke away for a chase that ended in Walnut Creek, and then Moraga had a pursuit of its own as Lamorinda police fell in behind a suspected carjacking vehicle near Campolindo High School.

The suspect vehicle ran south through town, crashing into at least one parked civilian vehicle, before coming to a halt near Shuey and Rimer drives – the occupants fleeing on foot. Officers are believed to have recovered two weapons thrown from the fleeing car during the chase.

The suspects, described as black males in their teens, fled into the surrounding neighborhood and were believed to have taken to the creek bed behind Deerfield Drive, dozens of residents contacting this site with inquiries and information as police closed in – setting up a perimeter with an East Bay Regional Park District “Eagle” helicopter flying overwatch.

One suspect self-surrendered to officers at 4:33 p.m., coming out of the creek bed with his hands raised. He was taken into custody by officers with long guns.

A second suspect, believed to be dressed in lighter colored hoodie and jeans, was also reportedly seen jumping fences and “hunkering down” in the creek bed.

Police are working to locate that individual. This site is not certain, nor are we certain police are certain, how many additional suspects may be at large but a person matching that description was detained while walking in the area of Rimer and Shuey at around 5:30 p.m. A THIRD person was detained at gunpoint by a police officer after he was reported walking, muddy and disheveled, in the 100 block of Walford Drive just before 7 p.m.


  1. Well, based upon the description, it’s gonna be tough to blend in with denizens of the creek or the Town. Unlucky for bad guy.

  2. I hope they got poison oak!
    That’s probably the only punishment they’ll get for their activities the way our system is now.

    • Yes, throwing teenagers in jail to rot would do wonders for their lives. It’s already a well-known and well-sourced fact that prisons and jails do not capably act as deterrents. So their only use is as punishment after the fact. An eye for an eye does not take us far.

    • For an armed carjacking? That’s my understanding of how they got the car and why they were chased. If they’re adults who held people up at gunpoint, they’ll get more than a slap on the wrist. I hope they choose a safer and saner course when they get back out.

    • With the advantage of being a small town with only four roads out, our police seem to do a very good job of catching people seen to commit crimes here. It’s just too easy to have police in the neighboring towns watch the roads for the suspects’ vehicle. Moraga is not a great place to commit conspicuous crime.

  3. Hey, just want to say I love the site and appreciate the work you do.

    I’m afraid it’s not possible for me to answer that without being considered “politically incorrect “ or whatever the current word is for being easily offended… but-

    It would be safe to sum up my opinion by reviewing the broken window theory and applying it to our current events. When you continually advertise that you are unwilling to aggressively discourage incivility, you can be view as weak by the criminal-minded. Has nothing to do with anything but addressing anti-social behavior by supporting police and having a criminal justice system that supports first the people that pay their salaries.

  4. According to corresponding Nixle alerts from Moraga PD, the town citizenry was involved in calling in information to law enforcement to provide assistance from the civilian side of things, See something, say something. Well played Moragans !

  5. We’ve got Trouble, neighbor
    Right here in Pear city
    That starts with a T and that rhymes with P
    And it stands for pools

      • I sense you have had enough contribution from me during this local power outage lol
        but I can’t help but tease a couple recent flicks. Driveways with perhaps Dennehey’s (sp???) last film. A sweet piece. And Netflix Good luck to you Leo Grande, discussing body image and human sexuality in an interesting take with Emma Thompson.
        I do hope you have a generator to power the bunker espresso maker. We are Californians. I know you do.

        • Tease away, we’ll talk movies just about any day and were looking for some new recommendations last night/early this morning after the News Tsunami. Shifting to Jan6 coverage Tuesday…

          Always liked Dennehy’s work (and him, too, despite the whole “Was I in Vietnam? Was I wounded?” thing). As for Emma Thompson, well, always appreciated her work, as well. So we’ll be sure to check out those recce’s, time permitting.

          As for the Bunker, we have the Breville hooked up to pedal generator in case of emergencies! We try to plan ahead!

  6. Given how folks like to whine that offenders are never punished, I was shocked to learn that there are actually people in jail and prison. Who knew?

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