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Shots Fired During Attempted Robbery/Carjacking In Downtown Danville Tuesday

Photo: DPD

The latest “Follow Home” robbery to rock the 24/680 involved a pricey Bentley, a group of women out for a night in the city and ended when the fiancee of one of the women intervened when a team of holdup men accosted and robbed the women as they were getting out of their car in a Danville neighborhood.

The incident kicked off at around 5:48 p.m. Tuesday when residents reported possibly two carloads of robbers converging on the Bentley as it parked in the the 200 block of Hartford Road, robbing the women of watches and jewelry. Gunfire erupted when the fiancee of one of the women attempted to intervene, drawing fire from the armed men and returning fire with a pistol of his own.

Upwards of four shots were believed to have been fired, at least one of the bullets embedding itself in the home of a resident away at the time. Police, some armed with long guns, quickly flooded the neighborhood as calls for assistance flooded dispatchers.

The suspects, described only as black men in hoodies and masks, successfully escaped the area, leaving in a car described by some as a black sedan with heavy window tint.

None of the victims was believed seriously injured and it was not known if any of the gunmen were hit during the exchange of fire.


  1. Another episode of street crime in our neighborhood. The increased frequency is disturbing. The local denizens are getting restless. Progressive practices by law enforcement and prosecuting agencies may be the long term solution, but in the moment the citizenry is likely leaning toward an approach wherein justice is meted out in a hard and fast fashion.

  2. It’s almost as if there were a set of people who make a career of committing crimes anytime they are not in jail. Who knew?

    • Yeah, if only we had as many good folks with guns firing with righteous indignation and peace and justice for all into a public space; only then can we have the true Tombstone experience, you know, like at a Texas theme park.
      You raise a good question. Where do all those lethal bullets go? They don’t just drop to the ground when they miss the bad guy AND most usually miss the bad guy.

      • The Criminals were armed and began the potentially lethal shooting. I doubt that they cared where the bullets landed. I would not consider them the “good folk” although they might be hired at Disney World for the Woke Theme Park that is being planned.

  3. Terrible, makes me sick! Could it be the same that robbed the couple on Locust in Walnut Creek? Or the man at the gas station?or the group that robbed Macys’s Saturday night?!

  4. This is why an accurate rifle with optics and ample training is required. Shoot for center mass. This is why the AR platform is so popular. I’m glad nobody was injured, and a good guy with a gun sent a needed message.

    • Shotgun loaded with #00 buckshot shells. Make sure innocent bystanders are not near the target. One shot could take out all the windows in the get away car. Same time not go through walls of Houses down range. Its too bad we even have to think off this,

      • ….. kids torn apart by gunfire in their classrooms, not once but several times now, and now we’re having gun battles in suburban neighborhoods. The NRA must shake their heads wondering how they can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people — we’re the only ones stupid enough to allow it to continue.

        • The only stupid people are those who think taking guns away from vetted citizens will do anything about crime, except increase it when the criminals are the only armed ones.

          • Agreed 100%. Looking to get legislation to support 2nd Amend, so we can protect ourselves on the spot.
            Stricken carrying laws and more training required I support.
            If we can better protect ourselves at the point of the confrontation, we might have less crime when criminals don’t know who is are armed and thoroughly trained.

      • @Frank – A 12 gauge is ideal for many home defense scenarios, but it’s a terrible choice for intervention in defense of others from stand-off range with hostiles and friendlies in close proximity to one another, as was the case here.

    • Do you guys touch yourselves when you talk about your guns and shooting people? It’s almost like your eyes glaze over when you do it. It’s creepy.

      • That’s a great comment and likely true. The wannabe heroes’ fascination with weapons is really kind of gross. I have a CCC CCW permit and own a couple of guns but generally don’t talk about it.

        • Thank you Brian for your polite and rational response. I do appreciate it. My ex-soldier husband encouraged me to write something but suggested I prepare myself for differing opinions! Thank you again.

  5. The AR “platform” is popular with boys who like to blow shit up. You can shoot anything and everything with that. Optics? What are you making an Eastwood movie? Who needs a scope with a weapon like that? Point and shoot and shoot and shoot. Nobody will show those pictures on TV. Children shredded.

  6. Nightmare coming true, armed criminals roaming the neighborhood. Adapting to the threat, Residents having to defend themselves. Real third world stuff. Drug gangs of Brazil or War lords if Somalia.

    • Yes. It does seem like we live in a third world country. I’m thinking of homelessness, crimes on the streets, drugs rampant in schools, etc.

        • Ummm… (tugging nervously at our collar and fingering our notebook for an instant Jason Bourne-style lethal response) most grateful for the offer, Jeff, and it has certainly happened with readers passed and present though we’ve been cutting back on our public appearances lately in light of, shall we say, some rather pointed recent statements about our future well being!

          But, seriously, we ‘preciate the offer. Perhaps when things cool down a bit.

  7. The cause , effect and solution ? Cause , Criminals are emboldened by Contra Costa County DA who is not prosecuting and never at work. Effect , more crime. Solution, more conceal and carry licenses issued by Sherriff.

    • “Never at work”? Hmmm. That’s literally hard to believe, and it would be so easy to disprove. Bold statement on your part. So, who is impersonating the DA when she announces convictions, fines, cooperation agreements with other DAs, and pleas from the podium? “Bloviate”, to talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

    • Mike,

      Based on today’s SCOTUS decision, a flood of CCW’s will be coming out of the Office of the Sheriff.


  8. I would be appreciative to have such a neighbor to come to my defense and attempt to shoot the suspects. Too bad they missed.

    If what happened does not pose an immediate risk to his or herself, was it legal to shoot at the suspects? Good samaritan law or something? Hopefully they are clear of any wrong doing.

  9. Freddy, I’m no lawyer, but it’s my understanding that when a criminal is pointing a gun at someone any bystander is allowed to defend that person. If the bystander is some distance away is there any more reasonable method than shooting at the criminal?

    The circumstances are crucial. For example the bystander would have to be certain that the apparent criminal is not an undercover cop and the apparent victim is not resisting arrest! In this case, it’s hard to argue with the result.

  10. How you doing with this one News24680? On it from the start again. People are tense and upset and slinging a lot of bull around and I’m sure you’re getting your share. Keep us advised please – this was very scary for very many of us here.

    • Ha! Hey, MB… thanks for writing. We’re busy, but good! And, yes, there is a lot of neighborhood chatter out there at the moment – we’re busy separating wheat from chaff!

  11. It is my understanding that four young females were returning home from SF in a Bentley. My guess is they were followed by the thugs,

  12. I was not directly involved and have no pertinent information other than what I have heard secondhand from neighbors. Initial descriptions were on the mark and at least one bullet was found embedded in a nearby house. Don;t know who fired it.

  13. From a guy I know who’s two doors down from the scene, the ladies went to SF for a day of indulgence, got spotted by the perps and followed home.
    How does someone follow you all the way from SF to Danhell and not get spotted? I often work in what folks would call “bad” areas and my head is on a swivel the entire time. Fools in this bubble are so self absorbed and centered it amazes me.

    Here’s a short list (with sources!) of shooting stoped by legally armed civilians, if you care https://crimeresearch.org/2022/05/uber-driver-in-chicago-stops-mass-public-shooting/

    • Because these were professional gang bangers that stayed at least two cars behind them per the bay bridge footage and parked down the street genius. Glad you’re on “swivel alert” and I hope nothing like this happens to you or your family.

  14. Did anyone else catch that the suspects were armed and robbing the ladies at gun point. Correct .e if I’m wrong. The actions of the suspects were all illegal correct mea ing against the law. As In the law forbids these me. From foing said actions. Yet they did them anyway. Just like it’s illegal to brandish a weapon. Which they were doing. So why exactly is your solution t ion that the law abidi g citizen hand over his gun the laws didn’t stop the guys in the first place why would banning guns criminals are less likely to do dumb shit when they gotta watch every person around when committing a crime. When you get robbed at gun point and Noone there to save you and the cops barely take a report cuz they know they aren’t gonna find them. And your just a other statistic hopefully a living and untouched statistic.

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