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Letters: The Ongoing Fight For “Good Vs. Evil”



I write hoping to adequately express my deep concern over the recent revelation that the wife of a sitting supreme court justice is a raving Q-Anon member who ACTIVELY lobbied a White House Chief of Staff to overturn the lawful election of an American president.

The context of the messaging between Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows are coming to light and I will not repeat them for the sake of brevity but their implication is clear and – in my opinion – frightening.

The messaging references the fight for Good vs Evil and the fact that the past, failed administration needed to take the moral high ground in its effort to retain its hold on the Executive Branch.

The specter of a massive conflict of interest for Justice Thomas looms large. I would go so far as to say Clarence Thomas cannot sit on any matter involving the election, the invasion of the Capitol, or the work of the January 6 Committee, and should probably resign from his position on the court.

Acknowledging that we currently live in an America turned upside down I would expect subpoena’s to follow these revelations, followed by investigation and perhaps prosecution.

I am hoping for consequences for those who – through their own mental imbalances or political delusions – have actively sought to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States.

Whether the country in its current state is up to this challenge remains to be seen.

Sincerely (and in hope),

Ray Benson/Walnut Creek


  1. I would offer we have bigger fish to fry when a nominee for the Supreme Court can’t define what a woman is, while at the same time, our POTUS committed to nominating a black woman.

    • I was going to ignore this for the obvious Russian/Right Wing bot troll it is but well – I just can’t so I have to say I admired Judge Jackson for the stoicism she showed under questioning by unqualified senators PRAYING she’d fall into their childish word traps. Comparing her appearance to the sneering, sniveling melodramatics of Kavanaugh or the Five Freedoms fumbling of ACB I would say it was clear she rose high above a playing field designed by mediocre men and I wish her luck during her tenure.

      • It was revolting and horrifying. They are no longer attempting to hide the racism. We have regressed to the 60’s.

    • The Senators who accused Justice Kavanaugh of gang rape should resign; meanwhile, Judge Jackson has a clear record, at least six times, of going light on child pornography and defending future light sentences. Unfathomable just a few tears ago, the wild world of Wokeness.

      • Except that Justice Kavanaugh, who loves beer by the way, was not accused by Senators so much as by the person he allegedly forced himself upon. It is a fundamental right to be faced by your accuser when accusations are made against you, and this brave woman, despite the pernicious blowback she knew would come, stood up and took those slings and arrows from the most unworthy of adversaries. Compare the shouting, righteous indignation of the “white victim” Kavanaugh to the measured, rope-a-dope parries by the far more qualified black woman who endured the evaporating humiliations by the Lilliputians in our historical record. She is EMINENTLY QUALIFIED, but OMG, she is very black. Very black.

    • Of the 4,000,000,000 females on the planet, I think it safe to guess that you have little personal knowledge of most. Ergo, your generalization about how everyone knows what a woman is, while titillating, ooooohh, is without any supporting data. In other words, you don’t know shit about what a woman is, but yet, you have an opinion to offer. Thanks for your singular contribution.

  2. “I would expect subpoena’s (sic) to follow these revelations, followed by investigation and perhaps prosecution.”
    Sadly, not gonna happen.

    Also, Clarence Thomas never recuses, and Robert’s court will not reign him in. Justice for life. Thomas decides when to recuse. No one else. Impeachment option will never happen. Broken. Broken. Broken.

  3. How do these people get to positions of power? I wouldn’t trust any of them to swing an All Day Sale sign outside a mattress store.

  4. Read the texts if you want some insight into where the right intends to take this country, And then vote.

  5. For me, the definition of what’s good and what’s evil is clear and concise.

    Just like the definition of freedom and tyranny.

    No amount of discussion will change the mind of anyone who’s decided to skew those definitions.

    I believe that good always wins. History has proven this many times.

    • We have the proof at hand in 15 months: record inflation (only going higher), real wages plummeting, $7 Trillion in New debt, and Russia emboldened with oil $$$ and a weak POTUS. A dangerous time as the Socialists and NeoCons appear to desire war.

      Even new immigrants tilting Conservative as $6 a gallon gas and skyrocketing food prices hammer working families. Many miss peace, minimal inflation and the ocassional mean tweet.

      • Mark Jones,

        Good is defined as being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor.

        From you comment it appears you think that things in America are not good.

        Things in America are not positive or desirable in nature.

        The reason things are not positive or desirable in nature is people.

        People of poor character values.

        Evil is defined as morally bad or wrong; wicked.

        People always have different thoughts on just about everything.

        One person forcing one frame of thought upon another person is wrong.

        As this is happening to our Republic we are seeing that it is catastrophic.

        I strongly believe in the indomitable American spirit.

        In the end, good and freedom will prevail.

        • To successfully interact, humans need to agree on a fundamental factual reality. Up is not the same as down. The earth is more or less a globe held together by forces of gravity, among other forces. Ignorance, willful or not, is a major player here, not simply good and evil. We are confronted by shameless propagandists and a sea of zombie lemmings. That is definitely NOT good, but in a different sense than you mean it.

  6. So, knowledge of right and wrong, fair and unfair, is not in dispute here. This is about power, unobstructed power and its abuse. What is the remedy? Alas, there is no viable institutional remedy. In a constitutional republic run aground, the remedy lies with the power of the people: fat, dumb, and complacent. (Think of the interstellar cruise ship from WALL-E.) Only Pixar can save this sad sack republic now although I’m seriously thinking about seeking a Ukrainian woman as partner for the struggle; someone who conquers fear to buck me up.

  7. National politics, especially posts and comments from people who live in the left or right “news” bubble, are both unproductive and destructive of the value of this rare pearl of a news site.

    Can we agree to disagree and also agree to take this discussion elsewhere? NextDoor has a section for non-local politics, where people can rant at each other all day every day. On this site we should focus on what ties us together, not what divides us. And make no mistake: the media and social networks profit by dividing us. When they foment a cockfight, don’t be a rooster or even a spectator. Just walk out on them.

    • This is elsewhere, a reader submission to the editor. This is not news. You can participate or not or whine. It is an editorial.

      • I can’t tell you how reassuring it is in this day and age for Americans, who are growing up without newspapers or much of an ability to read for that matter, are still able to identify a letter to the editor.

        • Of course it’s a letter to the editor, published on a local news site. You may not agree with my opinion that bringing national politics here pollutes the site and drives some readers away. Pointed national political debate might even make you more rather than less likely to read this site. If so, are you representative of the target market to keep this site alive?

          Recent experience shows that indulging highly partisan content results in the channel turning right or left and driving the other side away. You get Fox News or MSNBC. That would be both unnecessary and sad in my opinion. Virtually every major Internet forum is nasty and partisan. Nobody needs one more of those.

          • More false equivalence nonsense. Fox News is not an alternative news source. You can’t equate a propaganda channel to actual news sources of whatever persuasion. Stop!

          • Hi, Love… Site doing fine, thanks.

            Appreciate your thoughts and insight but we’d be a sad news outlet indeed if we did not permit contributions – even as potentially divisive as one dealing with national politics – from our readers. As a news site, and being naturally gabby ourselves, we believe in and remain committed to the tenets of the First Amendment.

          • NEWS24-680 – I think you do a fine job of moderating and keeping things mostly civil, unlike a few other sites I could mention, one of which seems to be only for the right-wing and Trump supporters, take a wild guess which local website I’m talking about 🙂

          • Thank you, John! Appreciate those words…

            It can be a little like refereeing a contentious high school sports contest at times but we’re committed to keeping the playing field level! Thanks for spending some time with us…

  8. Politics is talked about ad nauseum on any news site. If you can’t handle political opinions, don’t read the comments.

  9. Side note but still related, why can’t Trump criticize Putin? As more civilians die every day in Ukraine, I see that once again last night he made positive comments about not just Putin, but Kim and Xi as well…why does he love autocrats and dictators so much? He clearly admires autocracies and totalitarian states more than he does democracy. Since he will likely run again, this should deeply concern anyone who cares about democracy…

    • Likely taken out of context. What is unmistakable is that President Trump started no new wars, brought soldiers home, and Ukraine wasn’t invaded. So why did Putin move now? Here are the best reasons I can gather after four weeks of reading and digging.

      1. Baseline: Putin wants to reassemble some of the old USSR / wealth.
      2. Threats of NATO expanding to Ukraine, incuding by President Biden, possibly on purpose.
      3. US and NATO training centers in Ukraine, and possibly over a dozen Bio labs.
      4. USSR has $600 Billion in the bank due to higher oil prices thanks to Biden’s radical AOC Green New Deal. War takes money.
      5. Biden and State Department weakness exacerbated by Afghanistan implosion. (Did the State Dept (CIA) purposefully leave $85 Billion in armaments in Afghanistan to rearmnthe Middle East for decades?)
      6. Biden Adminstration confiding in Chinese leaders.
      7. Since we knew this was coming 2 months ago, why didn’t we load up Ukraine w defensive weapons?

      Lots of propaganda on both sides, and Biden talking about removing Putin the opposite of talking peace. I don’t trust our State Dept or media (and CIA plants).

      P.S. Our ocassional mean-tweet President reportedly told Putin: you invade Ukraine and I bomb Moscow. Strength respects strength.

      • Well, if facts carry any weight with you, the “USSR has $600 Billion in the bank” is patently false. The USSR disintegrated more than 30 years ago. 30 years ago. And, and, and, the Green New Deal is a talking point. It is NOT US policy, if that matters to your view of the world or your facsimile.

  10. Thomas should recuse himself from further future votes or step down. That would free up Ginny to continue her trip down the rabbit hole and render them both inconsequential.

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