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Two Shot At Pinole Valley Bowl Following Argument Sunday


Two people were shot following an argument at Pinole Valley Bowl in Pinole Sunday night.

Witnesses dining or picking up dinner at the Habit Burger Grill across the street scattered and sought cover after gunshots rang out shortly after 8 p.m.

A patron inside the bowling alley said things kicked off when a group of four people got into an argument with another group on a waiting list to bowl. Witnesses said a fight between two men was taken outside and “turned into gun fire.”

Witnesses reported seeing blood outside the front door of the business but said the fight escalated into gunfire with the groups “shooting a dozen rounds at each other from behind cars before fleeing.”

A search for the suspect was immediately mobilized as police and California Highway Patrol officers moved into the area as cars and passersby scattered. We have no firm description of the suspect.

One car, its windows apparently shot out, was seen leaving the area.

The location was quickly sealed off and a helicopter was summoned to provide overwatch during the search for the suspect and possibly to evacuate the wounded.

This was an extremely chaotic scene and we’ll have more when information solidifies.


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