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Sheriff Assigns Special Detail Of Deputies To Help Patrol Walnut Creek

Photo: Office of the Sheriff

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff will be providing patrol assistance to the Walnut Creek Police Department this holiday season, assigning a special detail of deputies to conduct high-visibility patrols downtown.

“I made a personal commitment to the City of Walnut Creek to staff downtown Walnut Creek with deputy sheriffs during the holidays,” said Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston. “Working with our partners at the Walnut Creek Police Department, this deployment from the Sheriff’s Office will help keep businesses, shoppers and residents safe.”

The move follows the high-profile, synchronized assault on the downtown Nordstrom store.


  1. At least the Deps have worked with the toughest in society at the jail and a few may have worked Bay Station, much better training than WCPD. 108RS

  2. Is this the same sheriff whose deputies “accidentally” turfed one of the three perps WCPD actually collared (WCPD let at least 77 others skip town) and failed to run a check for parole holds on another who made bail?

    Gotta love how LEO Unions cast blame for rising crime on honorable DAs who refuse to enable their sloppy police work by infringing on in-custody defendant’s constitutional rights.

    • Honorable DA! Are you kidding?
      Her mission is to let every criminal go with special privileges going to criminals of color. She’s trying to turn everything upside down. She’ll be voted out of office next time because people are fed up with this.

    • I find it hilarious when police complain about liberal policies and ideals, yet love themselves a union. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. campo,

    I never worked an administrative jail assignment, the street only for me. But, had lunch today with a retired CoCo Sgt friend who did run the jail. Clerical workers, not deputies, handle most of the paperwork and screwups happen, the clerks are union, can’t fire them.


  4. Of course it’s the clerical workers who make clerical mistakes. You don’t have to be law enforcement to understand this. Logic 101, and too many people don’t get it. Becton isn’t an “honorable DA.” She started out with “honor” by engaging in plagiarism. She showed her true colors from the get-go. And continued on with her “wedding in the back yard.” Just like Newsom — the social distancing rules don’t apply to her. And follows up with coddling criminals, especially certain criminals. She’s a disgrace to CC County, and that’s putting it mildly.

    • Wow, didn’t know about the plagiarism, having moved here recently. Can’t believe she was appointed anyway. What an embarrassment for all involved, save for the wise ones who didn’t vote for her in 2018.

      • She wasn’t appointed, she was voted in by a very slim margin of a few hundred votes, even after $200,000 campaign donation by George Soros if New York. Is funded the DA’s in San Francisco, LA, and several other major cities during the last election. All of whom, like his robots, have caused Great increase in crime in their counties because they support the criminals war against the public.

        • The Soros Fixation again. I’d raise the dirty deeds of the Koch Bros but the right wing only wants to hear itself talk. No matter how embarrassing the conversation.

        • Put a leotard on a hundred year old billionaire and a pretty moll on his arm, and you have a super villain, perhaps a super communist! Good sleuthing. I would never have spotted him.

      • The old ‘tough on crime DA’ Peterson had to resign in disgrace because he stole thousands of dollars from his campaign fund. He pleaded no contest to perjury but taxpayers are still on the hook for his 130k/year pension

  5. Sheriff Livingston? This is gonna be a pretty expensive detail for the taxpayers if his deputies start shooting at cars again. You can’t arrest all of a 2 minute flash mob in real time, but cowboys can shoot up a lot of cars in that time frame once the adrenaline gets flowing. Or, as the “professionals” would put it, YipppyKiYay. You pay!

  6. Well these criminals aren’t going to be back for a few months, so it seems a bit pointless. But, the deputies will make people feel safer and these days illusions are what matter.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep shopping online and getting my food to go. Home is where the heart is, but it is also where you don’t have to deal with the criminals who are being let go too easily; and you avoid all the RWNJs who want to yammer on about how great they and their guys are.

  7. If it makes people feel better fine but if you had the number of police needed to arrest 80=90 rampaging looters you’d have more police downtown than shoppers.

    • Proactive measures could prevent some or all of what happened. No or minimal efforts were made after the looting a year prior, I recall only some pro-BLM rallies. Walnut Creek must have appeared a soft and naive target.

  8. I am delighted to see increased police presents in Downtown WC. They can be on the lookout for the mass looters and all the other folks who need the special attention only the police department can give.

    Politicians cannot declare changes in society and make them happen. Changes can take generations. Forcing changes only forces people to be resentful which creates divisions.

    Keeping a strong police presents, not only in WC but in any town, will reduce some crime. Some criminals are already beyond being respectful and law-abiding and will commit crimes as long as they’re out of jail.

    There is no one solution to regaining control over the criminal element today.

    I feel that the politicians are the cause of the social divisions and criminal intent.

    Changes need to start with the cause of the problem.

    Change those corrupt and self-serving politicians to people of good character values, and a great deal of the problems today will diminish.

    I say, let’s ban politicians.

    Wow, just saying that makes me feel better.

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