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Guilty Verdict Announced In Concord Hate Crime

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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton announced today (Wednesday, Dec. 1) that a jury has found Ross Farca of Concord, guilty of four felony charges and a misdemeanor hate crime relating to Farca’s June 4, 2019 possession of an assault weapon recovered after Facra posted anti-Semitic mass murder threats on an online gaming platform.

“Ross Farca’s criminality disrupted the lives of countless members of the Jewish faith within our community, “ said District Attorney Diana Becton, “hate crimes and threats of this magnitude will not be tolerated.”

Farca used his account with the screen name “Adolf Hitler” and a reference to the 6 million people killed during the Holocaust and boasted he intended to copy another synagogue shooter and then kill responding law enforcement. During the search of Farca’s residence, Concord Police seized an assault rifle, along with 13 ammunition magazines, ammunition, camouflage fatigues, and Nazis (sic) paraphernalia.

In addition to the firearms and hate crime convictions, Farca was convicted of two counts of criminal threats made towards the lead investigating officer during the course of a follow up search of Farca’s residence on October 8, 2019.

“Mr. Farca is a serious danger to members of the Jewish faith,” said trial prosecutor Amber White. “I commend the quick investigative efforts of law enforcement to track the online activity back to Farca and thank the members of the jury for weighing the evidence and finding Mr. Farca responsible.”

Farca, at one time out on bail, was returned to custody where he remained for the duration of the case after the prosecution successfully argued Farca posed an ongoing threat to community safety.

Now convicted, Farca is scheduled to be sentenced on December 29, 2021.


  1. Bye Felicia!

    Unfortunately, he’ll likely be revered and protected by the peckerwood and skinhead gangs that dominate California’s prisons.

    Sure hope he doesn’t get caught slippin’…

      • Judge Philip Pennypacker is a Gray Davis appointee who has spoken at the Innocence Project.

        Fuzzy logic here. Anzures saw someone driving crazy in the beighbirhood, so he decided to stand in / near the street. Then, when said driver allegedly aimed for him, instead of getting out of the street or diving onto a lawn, he chose to fire at the car / driver. Very odd. Just walking around with a gun, not avoiding a crazy driver.

        So Judge Pennypacker thought that was plausible. Sounds wild and confrontational to me. He and his accomplice sound like risks.

  2. Anyone who engages in a hate crime needs to come to terms with the fact that who they really dislike is themselves.

  3. I was the Security Director at a Jewish institution in Coco.

    Former law enforcement.

    Spoke at length with detectives and ADA

    Was in court for multiple days with Farca.

    What would you like to know?


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