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Police Activity At Walnut Creek Cheesecake Factory Sunday; Several Detained

WCPD may be getting eight new hybrid patrol cars. Photo "Alex."

Police responded in force to the Walnut Creek Cheesecake Factory Sunday after someone reportedly spotted a firearm. Officers responding to the area were met by a “sizable” crowd of people apparently attempting to leave the area after a fight broke out, detaining several for questioning.

Initial reports that at least one firearm was recovered could not be confirmed with police.

There were no reports of injuries or an exact number of people detained or arrested, though some police sources have said six people were detained or arrested.

The incident was reported at approximately 5 p.m. with patrons and workers saying the restaurant was crowded at the time.


    • Uh, copy that 108RS, bro… scene is apparently 10-uh, quiet, right now. They must have had a sale or something…

    • WC is sadly not the small quiet town it was 30-40 years ago!! It has grown up. I really miss the small town feel it had back in the 1980s and 1990s.

    • I work there and I was there when it happened. Complete chaos ensued. Everyone was running around screaming. Between staff and patrons eating dinner…

      • yes same i was watching a movie with some friends and everything was scary about 12 police cars where there i think i saw at one point the guy taking a stroller with the kid but im not 100% sure the video i took was only the last part of the fight where i saw the woman getting punched and a guy coming from the back to help but it was scary

  1. Lead and steel are just about the only thing that isn’t on the Cheesecake Factory’s menu.

    Anyway lsaw about five WCPD patrol vehicles racing southbound on California near Civic (code 3) right at 5 pm.

  2. About time the police got involved. Two days ago a drunk guy was sprawled across a bench in front of the cheesecake factory, only with pants on. Take a drive there, and see what kind of crowd hang around. WC has changed for the worse, unfortunately.
    My money will be spent elsewhere.

    • I agree, a whole different crowd is now coming to Walnut Creek. I don’t know why. . Even at Broadway plaza I don’t see the fashionable classy people you used to even just 5 years ago. Walnut Creek isn’t feeling so :upscale’ like it’s proud self-image is.

      • WC invited in the thieving class when it did nothing to stop the looting/rioting, now Apple and Nordstrom have their own police officers. This is the fault of City Council and Police Management that botched that eventful day. 108RS

  3. The unruly crowd comes to WC because they got away with looting the city last year. Bet the six arrested will never serve time. The city council is to blame and Becton. 108RS.

  4. What does “spotted a firearm” mean? We have a second home in an open carry state. I see people with a hand gun in a holster on their hip while at the grocery store. No big deal. While I know CA is not an open carry state, I still wouldn’t freak out if I saw someone with a gun in a holster on their hip. If “spotted with a firearm” means the person was waving it around while saying they were going to shoot someone that’s different.

    • i believe at first there was a regular argument then i think the man flexed his gun or something i wasnt a first hand eye witness but i came when WCPD arrested on of the suspects and when they started asking questions but one of my friends was a eye witness and got it all on video and he sent it all to WCPD

  5. Cheesecake Factory attracts a certain crowd from other cities. I know people from Richmond who come to WC C. Factory to buy their cheesecakes then immediately drive back to Richmond. They love it that much. The only Cheesecake Factory in the East Bay is in Walnut Creek.

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