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High-Speed Chase Runs From Moraga To Lafayette Monday, Driver Arrested – Weapon Recovered

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One man was arrested after a high-speed chase from Moraga to Lafayette early Monday, police from throughout Lamorinda teaming up to finally bring the fleeing driver to a halt.

Moraga Police Lt. Brian South said John Downs, 26, of Oakland was taken into custody at 1:27 a.m. at Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Dewing Avenue. Police searched the pursuit route along Canyon and Moraga roads and recovered a .40 caliber handgun at Canyon and Sanders, police said, after Downs was observed throwing the weapon from his vehicle.

Ammunition for the gun was also reportedly found in the car during a search.

Apparently a Moraga patrol officer had stopped Downs’ car on Canyon Road and was interviewing him when he bolted, driving off at high speed and turning off the lights on his vehicle in an attempt to throw off pursuers.

Downs raced for Lafayette along Moraga Road, reaching speeds upwards of 80 mph, and turning onto Mt. Diablo Boulevard before police were able to stop his car at Dewing and take him into custody.

Downs faces preliminary charges of Felon in Possession of a Firearm and felony Evading, South said.

Some locals may remember Downs’ alleged participation in a July 25, 2020 robbery in Orinda, in which a local man was surprised by three thieves in his driveway and had his watch taken.


  1. With lights out at 1:27 AM I am surprised he didn’t encounter a deer roadblock before police intervened. City slickers!

    • We are often amazed by the grace and luck extended to these folks by whatever higher power they may believe in. We have a hard enough time on that route in daylight…

  2. It is amazing he reached speeds of 80mph.on that road!! How did he manage the hairpin turn outside of St. Mary’s College. Ty does not seem enough to say to these tru 🦸‍♀️ heroes who risk their lives everyday to protect us; not to forget their families who wait for them to come home! God Bless and keep our police, firemen and first responders.🙏🙏🙏🙏For your undying service we are eternally grateful!!

    • It was. But Canyon to Moraga Road to Lafayette… SMC nowhere nearby… unless you’re counting the extension offices at Rheem Center…

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