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Woman Allegedly Attacks, Bites CHP Officer In Concord Sunday


A California Highway Patrol officer required medical attention after he was allegedly bitten by a woman he and other officers were attempting to subdue near Highway 4 in Concord Sunday.

The officer suffered a bite injury to the left forearm. Initial information is that he and at least one other “cover” officer were attempting to stop a woman seen walking, pants-less on the freeway near Arnold Industrial Way at about 12:48 p.m. – after getting initial reports of someone throwing rocks at cars on the freeway.

Officers approached the woman in an apparent attempt to detain her when a struggle ensued and the officer sustained the bite injury. Standard protocols were initiated after the incident with the officer checked out for possible infection issues after the penetrating bite and struggle.

The unidentified woman was also transported to a local hospital for observation.


    • You’re right. Believe CHP has protocols for treatment of injuries of this sort and they’ve probably been enacted…

  1. Sigh. I believe it unfair that our law enforcement people are forced to deal with obviously unstable people — and they do it every day. Heal quickly sir.

    • Another BIG REASON to push for more mental health services!
      C O R E is Useless! A full dirty shelter, where most folks are intoxicated 24/7 is in this area where this happened..normal behavior. John Muir Hospital, E.R depo in Concord turns many away who seek help when dealing with mental issues and or they need their meds refilled, also told that THOSE type of Doctors dont work Friday, Sat or Sundays! And to return Monday or Tuesday! Facts! And Concord folks wonder why the streets are full of odd unhoused people. The Concord Police left to deal with it? Not cool..

  2. Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery by CHP officer involved. I suspect there are many layers to the assailant’s “onion”.
    Who recalls erstwhile Scruff McGruff PSAs imploring that the public to take a bite out of crime?

    • Agreed, Jeff… we’d hope for a bump in “Hazardous Duty” pay for the officer and some attention for the woman involved – who if she was actually doing what witnesses said could have hurt someone today. As usual, no easy answers…

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