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Is Walnut Creek Going To Pot? City Assesses The Benefits Of A Profitable Business Model

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Far from its over-the-top depictions in 1930’s scare reels, marijuana has evolved into a widely accepted and sought after national commodity – with some parts of California given over to its production and once-naysaying cities openly considering adding cannabis storefronts to their business districts.

Up for consideration on tonight’s Walnut Creek city council agenda is a staff report outlining the benefits and drawbacks of having a commercial cannabis – or two – within city limits.

The primary motivator, of course, is the cash-heavy nature of a business forced by federal biases to accept coin of the realm in payment while avoiding traditional banking methods. Although business success has forced many cannabis operations to enhance security measures in order to safeguard their coffers, the amount of money they are known to take in has not been lost on once-stuffy civic agencies looking for a way to broaden their tax base.

Council members directed city staff to canvass neighboring towns and cities with cannabis businesses to see how they have been doing and to provide options for allowing non-medical adult-use operations of various types in the city.  Staff was also directed to review existing permit fees for cannabis operations to reflect possible changes to city salary, benefits and operational costs.

To date only one of the two allowable deliver-only medical cannabis retailers, HerbNJoy, has opened for business in the city. A second business did not complete the process to obtain an Operators Permit as required by the Conditional Use Permit.

City leaders have expressed interest in other types of cannabis-related businesses, as well, from manufacturing to extraction – and have directed staff to look into the merits and drawbacks of playing host to those types of operations, as well.

The item comes before the council for review and discussion tonight. Their meeting starts at 6 p.m.



  1. California is a state that thrives because of good weather, beautiful topography and the ability to tax its most successful inhabitants at will. Walnut Creek will be voting on a long held tradition of a welcoming something “new” and “controversial” in exchange for taxpayer revenue.

  2. Everything in moderation — but the negative effects of the product are overwhelmed by legalized and marketed alcoholic beverages. We know what alcohol can do.

  3. My 88yo neighbor shares her CBD with us. It has helped with PTSD symptoms and insomnia. I have heard it has a beneficial impact for people with epilepsy, reduciing seizures.

    • This is so true! And is open-minded and tolerant as you may want to be about marijuana, it has long lasting effects and dumbs the person down. It is not like a glass of wine like they try to tell you
      Walnut Creek leaders have got to get off of there ‘woke’ horse! Run a city well for safety and attractiveness of its residents and visitors. Stop trying to cater to whimsical liberal social trends. Those ruin any place that they’re predominant in.

      • Not like alcohol, of course, which elevates the IQ and only mildly impacts locomotive and driving skills while having only minimal impacts on a person over time – currently fully licensed and available to almost anyone woke or not.

      • I thought Miami Beach was more known for the attractiveness of its residents and visitors. I’ll have to take another look.

  4. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with our knowledge and acceptance of this NATURAL offering. At least people are TRYING to understand the potential and understand the benefits. The city should align itself with an appropriate delivery model and reap the benefits. I say this and I don’t use. But I saw what pot was able to do for my cancer stricken father.

  5. I live here and it’s actually boring. Everything is so expensive that you spend most if your time at work just to survive. I’m moving to tampa Florida next year. Can’t wait.

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