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Berkeley PD Arrests Five Juveniles – Ages 11 To 15 – For Crime Spree Including Walnut Creek Purse Snatch

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Five youths believed to have committed a violent purse snatch in Walnut Creek as well as other crimes were arrested by Berkeley police after a vehicle pursuit and crash in that city Tuesday.

The youths, at least two of whom reportedly have extensive criminal histories despite their age, have been linked to Monday’s assault on a woman walking in the 1400 block of North Main Street in Walnut Creek.

In that case, one of the youths brandished a pistol while others ran up behind the woman, surrounded her and pulled her to the ground at about 10 p.m., making off with her purse. Police have reported she was not seriously injured despite the violent nature of the assault.

Police determined that the car used in the crime had been stolen in a carjacking earlier Monday in Oakland and the theft of a laptop from a customer at a Fourth Street Peet’s coffee shop in West Berkeley on Tuesday.

Witnesses of the latter crime told police the thieves were driving a white 2012 Toyota Camry, which police soon spotted on Cedar Street and chased through the city, the driver attempting to elude pursuers by driving west in the eastbound lanes of University Avenue.

The driver struck another car and lost control of his, hitting a person sitting on a bench and inflicting unspecified injuries. The youths scattered after the crash and police set up a perimeter, ultimately locating and detaining a group in the 1800 block of San Pablo Avenue.

Police detained the five juveniles after they were identified by witnesses.


  1. You can seriously hurt someone, even kill them, knocking them to the ground.

    Same for running into someone on a bench with a car!

  2. What a crazy waste of young lives. I don’t suppose theres any way someone can step in and re-direct them – they seem pretty well committed to a career in crime. And that’s bad for us.

  3. Oh my, you mean they were not driving with the valid California driver’s license????
    Seriously folks, changes in laws for the last few years also do not allow for any punishment for young criminals. Apparently it was considered mean and not helpful. So is the result we’re getting career criminals the moment they turn 18.
    Where are these kids parents???.
    The start of their rehab should be to make them watch the entire series episodes of Leave it to Beaver!

    • Greg T,

      Their parents are in jail or hooked on drugs. The only solution is Jerry Brown’s Oakland Military Institute, but the teachers and liberals don’t want to hear about that solution.


  4. “The youths, at least two of whom reportedly have extensive criminal histories despite their age….”

    I’ve read Lord of the Flies. I am not surprised.

  5. Some were actually wearing probation ankle bracelets. Just when you thought our lame justice system couldn’t get any worse…

  6. Six feet under or six feet behind. When you don’t expect to make it past 18 and you don’t give a crap, this is the end result. This has been going on forever, and no one should be surprised. It is sad.

  7. I had a look at these baby gangsters being patted down etc. while detained. Babies is the word, too. Kids. It’s quite a culture (“culture”) that produces them.

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