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Purse Snatch In Walnut Creek Monday

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A woman walking in the area of N. Main and Bonanza Street in Walnut Creek lost her purse to a man who exited a passing car with several men aboard and grabbed her purse Monday.

The incident was reported at approximately 9:55 p.m. with witnesses describing the car in question as a white four-door with 3-4 black males aboard – all in dark clothing.

The street theft, which of course took only seconds, cost the victim her purse, phone and personal papers but did not result in any physical injury.

UPDATE: In a subsequent social media posting, the husband of the woman wrote that one of the assailants was armed, flashed the gun, and that the others physically attacked his wife, yanking and pulling her to the “floor” before making off with her purse.

Police are currently on scene and investigating, witnesses said.



    • Unfortunately, the description of the perpetrators and how they were dressed is all too common in robberies and assaults going on.
      If I see similar, slowly driving along next to me as I walk, the bells and whistles will go off in my mind. And I’d run into the closest business. I know it’s not supposed to be, but let’s be honest, some trends are repeating themselves here.

        • I believe he is criminal profiling. Guatemalan and Baptist grandparents never set off my alarm bells.

          I believe I’ve only read Dr. Norman Matloff identify who’s largely responsible for the “Asian hate” attacks recently. Same group (crime statistics).

  1. These robberies can quickly go bad. Thank goodness she is safe.

    Walnut Creek is a visible target now, and until we make some arrests and launch some proactive steps like car cameras at strategic exit points (like Lafayette) – which would help us nab criminals – expect more of the same.

        • 1. I thought Lafayette had cameras on several freeway entrances which photographed all cars exiting town?

          2. Don’t some cites gave license plate scanners which scan all plates, and connect to a database to identify felons, etc.?

          • Mark,

            My understanding is that Lafayette has multiple plate readers around the city, but does not photo every car and I know the chief. 108RS.

        • Good thread — but on the cameras they are able to roll them back and see if a certain car passed through a certain area at a certain time – right? Isn’t that how Walnut Creek was able to ID cars used in recent shootings? Even if the cameras weren’t theirs. Then it becomes a matter of backtracking through nearby cameras to create a timeline? I keep remembering the scene in that movie about the Boston Marathon bombings where they reconstruct the street in a warehouse and have the local beat cop pinpointing where all the local surveillance cameras have been placed. Seems there are cameras and scanners — which read a plate and send a signal to whoever monitors them. Interesting technology — maybe those spidery robot retinal scan things aren’t that far off.

          • I stand corrected, many cities have cameras that record intersections, primarily for traffic control. I’m not sure if Lafayette has those yet, WC has many cameras, but not everywhere, certainly major intersections. Of course it doesn’t help much if the car or plates are stolen. 108RS

  2. Risking a 211 color in Walnut Creek poses a poor risk-reward dynamic.

    Well-to-do folk in Walnut Creek and the surrounding fiefdoms seldom carry cash. We get paid by direct deposit and use credit cards with lucrative cash back rewards for large purchases. Moreover, most company-issued smart phones and tablets are monitored by corporate information security systems that remotely physically disable them (i.e., wipe all data and short out the hardware), rendering the device and its components useless the instant the device goes missing.

    Working class neighborhoods with large immigrant populations offer far greener pastures for aspiring bandits. Many denizens of such locales get paid in cash daily or weekly, tend to wear precious jewelry and trust neither the banking system or law enforcement.

    (Not legal advice!)

  3. Wow! All of this stereotyping is really helpful. So, the immigrants make better targets except when they are in a predominately white neighborhood wearing their housecleaning and gardening togs. So clever in disguise. So inscrutable.

  4. Anyone with a purse or wallet is an easy target. Cash, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Thieves aren’t picky. They’ll take what they can get.

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