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The Price Of Beauty: Settlement Reached With Ulta For Hazardous Waste Violations

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Martinez, Calif. – Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton announced today that the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, together with 33 other California District Attorneys and City Attorneys, have reached a settlement for violations of hazardous waste regulations with Ulta Beauty, Inc., Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc., Ulta, Inc., and Possibilities AB, Inc., (collectively referred to as “Ulta”) that includes $752,000 of civil penalties, supplemental environmental projects, and costs. Ulta has five stores in Contra Costa County and 161 facilities overall in California. The settlement follows an investigation of Ulta stores’ improper storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous and other regulated waste and inadequate employee training.

“Companies must be held responsible for business practices that pose a harm to the environment,” said District Attorney Diana Becton. “Ulta was cooperative throughout the investigation and in correcting the issues.”

In fact, Ulta stores in California have adopted and implemented new policies and procedures and enhanced existing training programs designed to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste products, other regulated waste, and confidential customer consumer information.

Under the settlement, which includes a Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction entered in Solano County Superior Court Case No. FCS057080, by the Honorable Alesia Jones, the corporations must pay $439,500 in civil penalties, $250,000 in costs and $62,500 in supplemental environmental projects. Defendants must also implement certain compliance assurance programs.


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