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Police Investigate Beating Death In Concord Friday

Photo: Ryan Panlilio

A section of Willow Pass Road was shut down Friday after a man was found beaten to death near 1505 Willow Pass.

Witnesses first reported seeing the man down in the area, rocks near his head, at approximately 4:50 p.m. Officers dispatched to the scene located the victim and hurried to stop a man seen walking away from the scene.

It could not be determined if the man detained by police was an actual suspect. Witnesses who reportedly saw the assault have been providing police with accounts of the incident and police are looking for another individual.

It was not immediately known if the man detained after the discovery was still in custody or had been released.

Police and medical crews tending to the victim declared him deceased at the scene. He was believed to have been beaten to death with a rock.


  1. This is not funny. How horrible!
    I guess before we start talking about banning rocks (as they can be used to kill) we need to discuss the alarming rate of criminals and crimes due to what I think is the mass release of prisoners from jail by the governor and our democrat leaders.

  2. Unfortunate start to the holiday weekend. Hopefully additional details soon. And no it is not a laughing matter.

    • Definitely not the way to start things off, Jeff… and fail to see anyone who thought this was the least bit funny.

  3. Do we know who the victim was?
    Possible first name? First initial of first name might help. I understand there might be family members that are concerned.
    Asking for a friend.

  4. NOT A WORD about this on the police web site. If it wasn’t for this photo and your words we’d never know it happened. Unbelievable.

  5. Some people seem to matter less. But this guy had a mom. Went to school, had friends. I know that area and this is speculation, but there are a lot of homeless in that area. Want to guess why so little news on this? Some people seem to matter less.

  6. The man killed was Michael Politzer, a close family friend. Michael grew up in Lafayette, graduated from Acalanes High School in 2000, Saint Mary’s College in 2005, before working in Sales for a number of years. He was a terrific tennis player, avid reader, and great friend to many people. Tragically, he became addicted to opiates and fell into homelessness. He was loved by many in the Lamorinda Community and his death is terribly upsetting to those who knew him best. May he Rest In Peace and the man who killed him punished.

    • Thanks, Brad… over the years we’ve found that all stories have a “back” story. Thanks for sharing this one…

    • Brad, thanks for posting this about Mike. Seeing that picture of the underpass knowing his life ended there and in that way is so heartbreaking. Mike was one of a kind. Smart, funny, quick-witted, a walking almanac of musical knowledge, and a true conversatioanlist. As I know is the same with you, so many great memories with him. I’ll hold onto those dearly. I hope you and your family are doing OK… I know how close you all were to him.

      Rest In Peace old pal.

  7. Greg T.
    Although I am not fond of our Governor or our Democratic leaders, these criminals were all let out because the Prop 47 and Prop 57. Do you remember voting for that?

  8. Reading This brings huge sadness and pain and I am at a loss of words to know that this took place. Michael was a gentleman, incredibly smart, talented and had so much to offer this world.
    Another victim of opiates and the destruction
    These evil pharmaceutical companies cause within our communities and families.
    I prey for his family and close friends, and support the harshest punishment to the coward who did this too
    Michael. No man should ever take the
    Precious life of another man.

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