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Firearm Discharged During Sun Valley Mall Incident; Suspect Detained In Lafayette Friday

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Concord police are investigating the discharge of a firearm at Sun Valley Mall Friday, an incident that led to a sizable police response to the mall and the arrest of the man suspected of firing the shot in Lafayette.

The incident was reported at approximately 7 p.m. and was believed to have occurred during an attempted petty theft near the Red Robin restaurant. Initial reports are that one shot was fired, possibly accidentally.

Confusion and some panic was reported at the mall while police began their search for the man believed to have fired the shot, later identified as 37-year-old Jesse Allen Alexander who had allegedly gone into the Macy’s store to steal cologne valued at more than $1,400.

Police said Alexander left the store and loss prevention personnel tried to stop him. Alexander reached into his pocket to retrieve a gun and one shot was fired, however, no one was hit. Alexander was able to get away in his truck.

Police got behind a truck seen leaving the area after the shooting and stopped it at the Central Lafayette exit in Lafayette. An officer detained the suspect after a short foot pursuit behind the Whole Foods store on Mount Diablo Boulevard.

Officers searched the area where the truck was eventually stopped in an apparent search for the weapon or other evidence.

Police reported that Alexander was a fugitive from justice, wanted by Federal authorities for allegedly violating his Federal Probation. CPD Detectives will be presenting the case to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office.


  1. Quick work by law enforcement. Nice work. Based upon reporting it does not appear anyone was struck by the round that was fired at Sun Valley Mall. “Accidental” discharge? Hmmmm…..

    • We’ve seen more than a few accidental discharges in our day, and were nearly claimed by one of them… guns can go off unexpectedly.

  2. Guns don’t “go off” unexpectedly, just like spoons don’t unexpectedly make people fat. It takes a person to operate it.

  3. Don’t shop at Sun Valley Mall anymore due to crime/thefts/shootings.
    Hurting business and eventually tax revenue. The repeat criminal who shot a gun shouldn’t have been on the street. I blame the DA. Could result in a lawsuit the county (we) would pay if somebody was harmed or worse because of inaction by the county to control crime by early release of criminals.

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