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Attempted Armed Robbery On Creekside Drive In Walnut Creek Wednesday


Police are looking for two men they say assaulted and attempted to rob a victim at gunpoint in the 1400 block of Creekside Drive in the city Wednesday.

Details are sketchy but it appears the incident was reported at about 4:30 p.m., with two black males in face masks brandishing pistols and assaulting their victim before escaping in a black Camaro convertible. The car was last seen speeding south on S. Main.

It was not immediately known if the victim of the robbery attempt was injured in any way.


  1. We live in times when you must try harder to be aware people with bad intentions. Oh please do not
    refer to my beloved city of Walnut Creek as “The Creek”! Thanks

      • The Crick works just fine. Neither it or SF are the cities they once were, progress is progress even when it isn’t. Self confident people with confidence in their cities don’t mind a name change, but SF will never ever be The City That Knows How again and Baghdad by the Bay is probably more appropriate now than it was originally intended. I want to see The Crick is Cool bumper stickers.

  2. WC is not as safe as it once was, be aware of your surroundings and perhaps have pepper spray available. If they are armed, just hand over your processions. 108RS

    • Two friends argue issues about WC and Lamorinda violent crime that aren’t PC:

      1. New populations moved to Antioch, Concord & Pittsburg after the real estate crash, esp Section 8 tenants.
      2. Government forced low income housing.
      3. Moderate gang presence on the Monument Blvd corridor w legal & illegal immigration.
      4. Increased drug use, pot & meth included, driving anti-social behavior.

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