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CHP Looking For Info On Latest Highway 4 Vandal


From CHP Contra Costa:

On Monday March 29, 2021 at 4:30 pm, on Hwy-4 westbound along the right shoulder area, just east of Port Chicago Highway in Concord (adjacent to the golf course), a pedestrian threw a large, thick piece of wood (approximately 2 feet in length and 12 inches in diameter) towards oncoming traffic on Hwy-4.

The reporting party narrowly avoided being hit by the large log. We are seeking the public’s help in this matter.

If you saw a pedestrian in this same area, at this time, and can give a description of that pedestrian, (male or female, clothing, hair color/length, build, etc), please contact CHP Contra Costa in Martinez (925)646-4980, comment down below, or through FB messenger. Thank you.


  1. Good question. Beatniks hippies. We have seen generations of alienation but this rises to a new level of senselessness disconnectedness

  2. A grandmother was killed last year right on that stretch of road when a brick was thrown through the windshield of the car she was riding in. Yes this is very dangerous!
    Several weeks back there was a guy in the Danville overpass of 680 throwing rocks down in cars. Thank goodness no one was hurt/ killed there! Unfortunately when the police showed up the guy pulled a knife on them and he was shot. But people could have been killed had he continued his activities.

    • If you are referring to the homeless guy Officer Hall shot in the face in Danville, the officer’s version of events has not been corroborated. The sheriff has apparently elected to not release body camera video or audio, just a still photo favoring the police version of events, so we won’t know what actually happened for quite some time.

  3. Yes, I believe the comment is directed at the homeless man who tried to kill or severely injure innocent people on highway 680. What we do know is that the person throwing rocks down on the cars traveling on 680 did not care that his decision to throw rocks from the overpass onto the highway put everyone traveling on the roadway in lethal danger. His dangerous behavior has no defense. Thank you Danville police for being there and doing your job to protect all the innocent people who could have been killed by the idiot throwing rocks from above the highway at cars traveling 65 mph plus. Stop defending someone whose objective was clearly to kill or severely injure others who did not know him and were simply trying to drive their cars on a local highway. Some want to only focus on the police. Look at the behavior of the man who caused this incident as well. It’s important and about time that as a society we do so.


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