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Officer-Involved Shooting Reported In Danville Thursday

Photo: Danville PD

This morning at about 11:48 a.m., police dispatch received several calls from motorists regarding a person who was throwing rocks off the Sycamore Valley Road overpass onto Highway 680.

A Danville Police Officer arrived at the scene and contacted the subject in question in the area of Sycamore Valley Road and Camino Ramon. The officer approached the subject who was standing in the street. As the officer tried to talk to him, the subject pulled out a folding knife and then opened it. The officer ordered him to drop the knife several times. He then advanced toward the officer, who discharged his weapon striking the subject once.

The fire department and an ambulance were called and responded to the scene. The subject was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated at this time. He is not being identified.

The investigation is ongoing per the countywide officer involved protocol. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Investigation Division through dispatch at (925) 646-2441 or at (925) 313-2600. For any tips, email: tips@so.cccounty.us or call (866) 846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message.


    • “If he’d come at me with a knife like that”…Like what? You are not a witness to this. Are you? And what do you know of police procedure? Empty your magazine? What do you think you know? We still have evidence collection and juries in this country. Or do we not do that anymore?

        • Good question. I wasn’t there. We don’t know what actually happened. It has become routine for the officer who discharged his/her weapon to state that his/her life was in imminent danger. That’s the formula. I confess I believe the status quo is broken. I’m simply suggesting that we wait for the facts. Officers risk their lives in complex, difficult situations where seconds and training matter, and where our common humanity is not always appreciated, i.e. racial or social biases enter in. Some officers have committed unforgivable acts of violence under cover of authority and special protections that are not justified. So far, we know practically nothing about what actually happened here, and yet, the predictable responses from me, from others, are presented…The body camera footage will probably answer all of these premature questions…if they were turned on. And that is progress, I think. I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT THE OFFICER ACTED IMPROPERLY. I WASN’T THERE.

          • Photo is pretty obviously from a body cam and that knife is pretty obviously out and open and ready for action so… the guy is advancing, he’s within striking distance – what do you do?

        • I haven’t seen any video Anthony, and I have never been in your shoes. Striking distance? It’s a still photo, at an intermediate distance. It’s not striking distance until the guy moves. If it’s imminent danger, you defend yourself. If he’s actively throwing rocks at traffic, you stop him. Good cops stop the bad guys. We trust in that. It’s a hard job. Still, you don’t just shoot someone holding a knife. What I, we, have is a problem with the lack of accountability for bad cops. I don’t judge this event because I have no evidence pro or con. This may be totally justifiable, I don’t know, but the John Waynes posting here seem to have reached a conclusion. I judge the atta boy posts.

    • “imminent threat” “advancing” “no choice” …that’s pro forma. We citizens would like to know what actually happened. That’s all.

    • Give the police more money, more power…Because…because things are going so well, as is?????? Well, we are not all satisfied customers of the criminal justice system. Now, if you stop a rock throwing murderer, we can all agree that is good, but I don’t think we are past chapter one in this. You didn’t witness this!!

  1. Let’s hope no one was hit with these rocks while driving under this overpass. He could of easily killed someone.

    • Throwing rocks at passing cars is pathological. No excuse. You’re still gonna need evidence…unless we don’t do that any more.

    • Good thing you’re not a cop, David: you would have been dead a long time ago.
      The police did an excellent job in protecting a citizens and themselves. I’m glad this rockthrower – who COULD have easily killed motorists – did not die or else we’d have to hear all about police brutality again, and again. This officer did an excellent job! I fully support the police!
      They are 99% perfect in my eyes.
      David, you’re stuck in a hippy time warp.

      • 99% perfect in your eyes!? Do your eyes still work? Are they closed??

        Greg T is such a great and upstanding citizen. He is glad the black man didn’t die. Not because he has empathy towards other humans, but because he doesn’t want to hear the truth about police brutality.

        Douglas Heaney on the other hand, would have liked to see more bullet holes in the obviously unwell man.

  2. Unfortunately there is a large body of the populace that believes the officer should wait to get stabbed or hit by an iron bar (Miles Hall) until taking action. I would hate to be a cop in the current environment. Hope no lawyer tries to stir up the public with a false narrative on this one.

  3. Why would anyone pull a knife out on a Police officer? He can’t be that stupid or maybe he wanted to die. Very sad.

  4. “Kentucky’s Republican-majority Senate on Thursday moved forward a bill that would make it easier to arrest protesters for insulting a police officer, a measure that critics say would stifle free speech.”

    My old Kentucky home…Home to Breonna Taylor and Muhammad Ali.


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