Home Courts Concord Man Held To Answer For Threats Against Jewish Community, Local Detective

Concord Man Held To Answer For Threats Against Jewish Community, Local Detective

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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, Calif. – Earlier this week, defendant Ross Farca was held to answer on multiple felony counts, including a hate crime enhancement and threat against the primary investigating officer. Due to the public safety risks posed by Farca, Hon. Judge Nancy Stark ordered Farca’s bail forfeited and that he will remain in custody at no bail.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office initially filed a criminal complaint against Farca in June 2019 for online threats he made against the Jewish on the gaming platform Steam. With notification from the FBI, the Concord Police Department executed a search warrant predicated upon Farca’s IP address. During the search of Farca’s residence, a fully automatic assault weapon was in his possession.

Two weeks ago, while the ongoing preliminary hearing was in recess, Farca allegedly threatened to kill a Concord Police Department detective during a federal probation search of Farca’s new residence. Predicated upon that threat, additionally charges were subsequently filed and presented when the preliminary hearing resumed.

Overall, during the preliminary hearing, evidence presented demonstrated Farca was targeting the Jewish community with his threats, and that Farca had a strong affinity and connection to mass shootings targeting places of worship. Such evidence sufficiently established that the conduct warranted a hate crime enhancement.

Farca will be arraigned on November 10.


  1. One factual error in the article, Farca’s weapon had not been converted for automatic fire at the time of seizure. He had done research on the internet on how to accomplish that goal, but had yet to acquire the pars.

  2. Pick a meme, any meme. Pick an argument, any argument, any point of view, pro or con, and you will meet with spontaneous opposition. Antisemitism, white supremacy. Old and familiar comfortable sentiments of hate, the hate we know. They are almost second place in this time of chaos when focus follows the final wandering wobble of a spinning silver dollar on the edge of a 1950’s vinyl diner tabletop. Very shiny. Very captivating. Very meaningless. What will be new in the 21st century, pray tell?

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