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Berkeley PD Concerned By Fireworks, Bonfires On Grizzly Peak Boulevard

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From Berkeley PD:

Berkeley, California (Tuesday, September 15, 2020) – Over the past few days, there have been concerns about persons igniting fireworks and bonfires along the turnouts of Grizzly Peak Boulevard between Centennial Drive and Claremont Avenue—increasing the danger of fire to our community.  To prevent, deter and stop these reckless behaviors, the University of California Police Department (UCPD) have increased their uniformed patrols of the Grizzly Peak corridor.

Because this area along Grizzly Peak Boulevard resides within the jurisdictions of several law enforcement agencies (Oakland PD, UC Berkeley PD and East Bay Regional Parks PD), you will likely see an increased law enforcement presence in the area.

Please report anyone igniting fireworks or setting fires immediately.  If you call the wrong dispatch center, they will transfer you to the correct jurisdiction. The numbers to call are the following:


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  1. Criminal charges of attempted manslaughter with special circumstances would get the attention of the mental giants who think thats an ok thing to be doing. Local home owners should be within their rights to take lethal action against such behavior👍

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