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Eight Candidates Running For Three Walnut Creek Council Seats


At the November 3, 2020, statewide general election, the City of Walnut Creek will have three City Council seats up for election, those currently held by Mayor Loella Haskew (completing her 2nd term), Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Wilk (completing his 1st term) and Councilmember Justin Wedel (completing his 2nd term). Mayors in Walnut Creek are not directly elected, but rather serve on a rotational basis as appointed annually by their fellow councilmembers. All councilmembers serve four-year terms.

Here’s the list of aspirants for city council seats in 2020:

CandidateContact NumbersDate PulledDate FiledDate QualifiedBallot DesignationBallot OrderCandidate Statement
Hailey Ayres286-40937/13/208/6/208/7/20  Yes
Cindy Darling352-40767/13/208/3/208/4/20  Yes
Loella Haskew930-99727/13/208/5/208/6/20  Yes
Michael Samson705-58567/13/207/20/207/21/20  Yes
Lauren Talbert457-88387/27/208/6/208/7/20  No
Justin Wedel899-25357/14/208/3/208/3/20  Yes
Kevin Wilk765-09407/13/207/30/208/3/20  Yes
Kurtis Reese785-77237/29/208/4/208/5/20  Yes


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