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Possible Coyote Bite Reported In Moraga Thursday

Photo: Archive

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials are investigating an incident near the restrooms at Moraga Commons Park today, Thursday, after a 2-year-old boy was bitten on the leg by an animal reported to be a coyote.

The incident occurred in the park parking lot, according to police.

The child, who was with a caregiver, was treated at a local hospital and released.

Details of the incident were not immediately available. Police acknowledged that coyote sightings are a relatively common occurrence in Moraga and much of the Greater Bay Area, for that matter.

But wildlife experts say the animals may be emboldened by the lack of human presence due to COVID-19 requirements.

The last, local attack was reported April 1 in Dublin Hills Regional Park, when one of a group of the animals reportedly rushed a 6-year-old girl – biting her neck and ear before it was scared away by her mother.

This site was unable to find any record of a previous attack by a coyote on a human in Moraga within its archive.


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