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Letters: “Hey! I’m Walking Heah… I’m Walking…”



As a follow-up to your post regarding ‘We’re Cracking a Little Bit’ I would like to remind people of certain forms of behavior when walking and riding a bike that is not only courteous but are rules. I am speaking of Iron Horse Trail on the Danville/Alamo section. I have been using that trail approximately 4-6 times a week the past three years and have seen it become much more used recently as a result of the limitations placed on us by the shelter-in-place.

With it being more used comes many more opportunities for accidents, and as both a cyclist and walker I would like to point out the rules to people who seem to have forgotten them. These rules are not only on signs posted on the trail but is on the IHT website. First, pedestrians have the right-of-way. People on bikes must give way to pedestrians, not the other way around. Second, cyclists are REQUIRED to alert people walking who don’t see them coming of their presence, either by a bell or by voice. Third, a safe speed is required, especially when the trail is populated with so many people, children and dogs. Too many times I am walking with my dog and a cyclist comes speeding by inches away from me. If my dog or I were to deviate just a little from our path there could be a serious injury. I have, in fact, seen a few unfortunate collisions.

These rules have always been in place but have not been followed. Now, especially, with social distancing, we have to have a ‘share the road’ mentality. Iron Horse Trail is not a place where you can freely ride at whichever speed you want, and without taking into consideration the many people on it.

Barry Wilcox/Danville


  1. By Jupiter, I hope the rules survive this. We are in difficult times, and so many are not smart, not considerate, not connected to the rest of us. It’s hard. Sacrifice required. And, when did that last happen on a grand scale? 1944?

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