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Lafayette Homeowner Loses Car, Hit On Head During Halloween Home Invasion Robbery


Lafayette police are searching for three armed men who reportedly came up behind a Martino Road resident, forced him into his home in a search for valuables and who fled in the homeowner’s BMW.

The car was believed to have made it through the tunnel. Unconfirmed reports indicate the car may have been found abandoned in Oakland.

It is believed the incident occurred at approximately 8:15 p.m.

The homeowner was treated for a head wound of some type. It was not known if he was struck with the weapon or was injured in some other way.

The suspects were initially described as black males in their mid to late 20s.


  1. Sometimes I wish they could put a gate on the tunnels! Seems most of the crime in the Lafayette & Orinda comes through the tunnels.

  2. Why did the police in Orinda NOT go to see what was happening for over 1 hour after first report for HELP???

    • This news report is about the home invasion in Lafayette and does not include the horrific details of what actually happened.

  3. got our first alert on this – with bare bones description of suspects – from this site at eight forty one

  4. This is the only article I’ve seen on this horrible incident with any type of description of the suspects…why does the media insist on hiding politically incorrect facts?!?

    • Sheffield – If you spend any time with us, and we hope you do, you will see that we include all pertinent descriptions of suspects/perpetrators with incidents as they happen – obviously, or hopefully so, in the interest of public safety. It is our belief that this data is necessary – and was certainly necessary that evening – if our readership is to be aware of any potential threat. That is our policy and we will abide by it. As for other media, we don’t speak for them, we just do what we do.

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