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Car Burglars Back At Work Monday; Locals Continue To Donate To Their Cause

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Some folks may still be enjoying some summer vacation time off but area burglars are hard at work Monday – and reaping rewards for their dedication.

Police in Danville are looking for a hard-working crew in a black Chrysler 300 SRT who struck at least twice in the Rose Garden Village Shopping Center parking lot Monday, making off with personal belongings and electronics.

These folks work fast, you may know, so descriptions are slim (black male, young, wearing a hoodie) – but they are prolific and folks appear committed to feeding their habit by leaving quality goods in their cars for bad guys to take.

Making sure all similar items are removed from the vehicle may help deter the ongoing flurry of car burglaries seen up and down the 24/680 Corridor but, well, that has been suggested many times before and no one appears to be listening.


  1. “Locals continue to donate to their cause” is correct. It’s to the point where I’m more annoyed by people leaving valuables in their vehicles than I am by the criminals themselves. And I’m right leaning when it comes to crime. Thanks for wasting our taxpayer dollars and driving up our insurance rates. Criminals aren’t going to stop breaking into cars. But you can stop them from breaking into your car by wising up. Not all crimes are preventable, but most vehicle burglaries are. You are feeding their habit.

    I’ve read that insurance companies are starting to deny claims for vehicle burglary. If that’s what it takes to wake people up, I’m all for it.

  2. I keep wondering when people will stop living in fear of criminals. Criminals should live in fear of the law abiding people.

    Criminals need harsher punishments. While incarcerated, opportunities for reform, rights and privileges should be available based on merit.

    Responsible and accountable citizens have the power to change existing laws and criminal processes. That power should be used thoughtfully and sternly.

    • Abe – We already incarcerate 2x more of our population than China and handily outstrip such permissive paradises as Iran and North Korea. A misdemeanor conviction means up to a year of imprisonment, which wreaks havoc on most convicts financial affairs and dooms their dependents to destination. Moreover, a criminal record limits employment and housing opportunities, and the emotional trauma of even “brief” period in lockdown haunts ex-cons for the rest of their lives.

      With that in mind, what sort of “harsher” penalty do you have in mind for petty thieves?


      If that’s your inclination, I hear Saudi Arabia is reciting a new dissident journalist.

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