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Swiping Left, Swiping Right Can Get Your Stuff Swiped, All Night; Male Carjacker Posed As Woman On Dating Aps


From the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office:

Martinez, Calif. – Earlier this week, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office charged Hakeem Doeparker of Antioch, California with multiple felonies including a series of carjackings, attempted extortion, second degree robbery and criminal threats. The criminal complaint filed against Doeparker also alleges multiple enhancements for the defendant’s use of a firearm during the commission of these alleged crimes. Doeparker pleaded not guilty on July 2 to the charges our Office filed against him. He remains in custody and his bail is $787,000.

Doeparker allegedly used female profiles on apps such as Skout and MeetMe! to arrange meetings with unsuspecting male victims. After instructing victims to go to a particular address on Tehachapi Court in Antioch, Doeparker would approach them from behind, point a gun (often with a green laser) at the victim, and threaten to shoot or kill them if they did not hand over either money or their car keys.

The current charges relate to four known victims, with those offenses occurring throughout the month of June 2019. All victims were able to get away unharmed, though the defendant did succeed in taking money and two cars. The cars were later recovered by Antioch police officers near the defendant’s residence.

Our Office is actively working with Antioch Police Department on the case. The investigation is ongoing, and police believe there may be several additional victims in the Bay Area. Victims and anyone else with information are encouraged to contact Antioch Police Department Detective Adrian Gonzalez at 925-779-6923.

We also urge the public to exercise caution when arranging meetings with unknown persons through various phone apps, as this is increasingly becoming a strategy used to set up unsuspecting victims.


    • O, I don’t know. The thought of a guy all dressed up, lots of product in his hair, box or chocolate or flowers – ringing the doorbell expecting some hottie and coming face to face with Don the Con does have a certain comic element to it.

      • Except he had a gun. Society takes crimes against women seriously (usually) but men are supposed to “man up.” You would feel differently if that was your son or brother. People that make jokes about violent crime need to grow up.

        • I lived in Oakland most of my life. I’ve had a gun pulled on me. I still managed to find the humor in things. You may not like it but it’s how I deal with things.

  1. Meeting a date for a hookup in Antioch… well in one immortal words of Forest Gump “Stupid is as Stupid does”

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