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Two Men Killed – One From Walnut Creek, One From Dublin – In Fiery Dublin Crash Thursday

Photo: Dublin PD

Two local men died in a fiery crash on Fallon Road in Dublin early Thursday when their Mazda Miata suddenly veered off the roadway and onto the center median – where it impacted with a light pole at 1:45 a.m.

Officers arriving on the scene found the wreckage of the car on the median, engulfed in flames with two men unconscious inside. Life-saving measures were undertaken by both police and firefighters, according to Dublin police, but both men succumbed to their injuries.

The driver of the car was identified later in the day as 29-year-old Ethan Sellers of Walnut Creek. His passenger, 35-year-old Matthew McEnerney of Dublin, was also killed.

The crash site remained cordoned for most of the day as investigators combed the area for clues to the crash. There was no initial indication of whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash though police did say the car was traveling south on Fallon at a high rate of speed when it veered off the roadway.


  1. OMG! I am guessing that the Miata autopilot did not suddenly become self-aware and decide its life was without purpose. Accept responsibility. That is not the speedway.

  2. Insensitive commentary aside it is pretty clear we are in a particularly lethal period on our local roads. As most of the crashes seem to be the direct result of driver choice or error I still find it hard to wag my finger at dead people. They all belong to someone.

    • His recklessness is instructive. He is not immune to criticism because he is dead or deserving of special sympathies merely because he is dead. Other people were endangered and in fact DIED by his actions. His passenger belonged to someone.

      • Sadly, no one is immune to criticism regarding preventable death. Caretakers – death of a baby, death by your own stupidity (yours words – not mine). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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