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Man With Shoe Camera Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Film Juvenile Girl In Walnut Creek Apple Store

Jacques Bloxham. Photo: WCPD

Walnut Creek police, alerted by an alarmed father who had spotted a man trying to film his daughter be sliding a camera on top of his shoe under her dress, arrested the 66-year-old suspect a short distance away.

Officers say they found the offending camera and other recording equipment in Jacque Bloxham’s car – parked a short distance away from the Walnut Creek Apple store, where the alleged incident took place.

Police said that on April 21 at 3 p.m., Bloxham was inside the store, where he had placed a camera on the top of his shoe, maneuvering the device until it was under the child’s dress.

The juvenile’s father saw what was happening and immediately told Bloxham to stop, according to police.

Bloxham fled from the store but officers were able to catch and arrest him.

A search of Bloxham’s car was conducted pursuant to his arrest and cameras and recording devices were located and seized, including the one from the top of his shoe, according to police.

Walnut Creek Police Detectives are conducting an investigation on Bloxham and request that if you have any information pertaining to this case to contact Detective Gerstner at 925-935-7606.


    • Guess we’ve gone high-tech. Our Army-trained fathers always used to stress achievement of a “mirror shine” on our dress shoes but we believed that was for the sake of appearance only.

  1. Oh, crap. Was good friends with his family growing up, attended the same local high school. He went on to have a respectable career locally. What the hell happens to people?

  2. Fellini, before you cry “Action!”, imagine the scene. For you, I imagine prison stripes! They suit you well.

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