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The Sunday Scribbler


Quite the week.

We had a little bit of everything popping off in our valleys, glens and dales this week – with a Point Break-type bank robbery in Pleasanton (everything but the skydiving and surfing, of course) – BioSpill attacks on local businesses by transients who have learned to use the weapons at hand, a Swatting incident in El Sobrante, a Rolex Snatching in Alamo, closure of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, multiple car/pedestrian interactions (at least one fatal) – not to mention the snow falling on local peaks.

And then there were the elevated levels of bizarre, mostly inexplicable behavior we are seeing of late (don’t bring your baseball bat to the restaurant and tap it on things a la A Clockwork Orange fellas – it makes the other customers nervous). And no, ladies, you don’t get cuter the drunker you get – that’s another Hollywood fallacy – chugging bottles of your favorite Rombauer Chardonnay will not make you look like Meg Ryan.

Our weather was not the only thing that had us looking skyward this past week after fatal air crashes in Yorba Linda and, closer to home, on our landmark local mountain. Turns out the pilot in the Yorba Linda crash had something of a manufactured past, and although a Chicago Police badge was found in the wreckage of his plane he was not a police officer, but apparently enjoyed saying he was.

What’s it all mean, Binkie? We wish we knew, but to paraphrase another Hollywood movie reference the NEWS24/680 espresso machine picked a helluva time to quit pumping crema.

Our tiny squad soldiered on in the face of an unceasing news cycle, fending off Internet squabblers who wanted to engage us despite our stated intentions not to pick fights along the way. On a good note it was nice to see the folks at St. Mary’s College join us, sharing word of their post graduate programs at Moraga’s best-kept secret… and did we mention that our coffee machine was on the fritz? Yes?

So, we stumble onward, bereft of sleep and jacked out of our minds on Earl Grey, always scanning for what’s ahead but wondering if that light we’re seeing ahead is the probing searchlight of an inbound locomotive. We don’t know, but we’ve come too far to turn back now.

We’ll just have to wait and see what lies ahead.



  1. Did the pilot also enjoy saying he was a pilot? Anyway, may he rest in peace, of all the ways to go I think his was not the worst by far. As far as having to drink Earl Grey, perhaps it was just what the doctor ordered? “Fights Anxiety and Depression. The bergamot in Earl Grey tea has been known to have a calming effect on people, as well as to boost a person’s mood. This is due to bergamot’s natural aromatherapy qualities. In this way Earl Grey is a good natural solution for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.” Happy Sunday my friend. Sounds like a trip to the ocean or at least a walk in the woods might be in order.

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