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Ever Get That Semi-Rural Feeling You’re Being Watched?

Photo: Stacey Frost

We’re told people come to our neck of the woods for a taste of a “semi-rural” lifestyle. Some of our neighbors live in more semi-rural environments than others and we were lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Stacey Frost recently, learning that her property has a decidedly semi-rural feel to it with all kinds of critters calling it home.

Stacey says she has “3 bobcats, 7 coyotes, 5 feral pigs, lots of hawks, owls, turkeys, snakes and even some free grazing cattle” on her east county property – and some might say she’s mighty lucky!

She snapped this photo of a watchful bobcat observing the goings-on from his perch and was nice enough to send it along to us.


  1. I was referring to her not giving up her city… which she didn’t. Good for her. Some of us are more private than others. For everyone on Facebook, there are those of us who lack the time and desire, and want to maintain our privacy. Privately yours…

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