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Car Burglars Get Their Comeuppance In Lafayette Friday


Neighbors on quiet Solana Court in Lafayette report that a group of car burglars were hard at work on their block early Friday morning when the law was called on to intervene.

Three men were arrested after a sizable police response was called into the area shortly after 3 a.m., the neighbors said.

“They (police) fingerprinted cars and I believe towed one for evidence,” one neighbor reported. “Strange, secluded street for this kind of activity!”

Investigators found hundreds of stolen items in the recovered vehicle and are working to reconnect owners with their belongings.

Chief Benjamin Alldritt said his officers arrested:

  • Noa Tangi, age 18, Hayward
  • Khalid Ammari, age 22, Hayward
  • Watson Opeti, age 19, Hayward
The trio were all charged with burglary, theft, possession of stolen property, vandalism and resisting arrest, Alldritt said. Opeti faced an additional charge of probation violation.


    • @AVillafuerte – The ones at Safeway last night? We don’t believe so. Think they managed to slip out of town.

    • @Jeremy – We have found that these assh… uh, folks, come from all over and we didn’t rule out the possibility that they were homegrown although neighborhood reports of that car being towed indicate they may have used it to commute to work.

  1. So hoping this doesn’t go wrong for someone – resident or bad guy – in the future. All it’s going to take is timing and a gun in the hands of someone determined to use it.

  2. Glad they were caught. I hope they learn something from the experience. I don’t think they will but I hope so.

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