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Youth Rams San Ramon Big 5 Sporting Goods, Leads Police On Chase Wednesday


Employees of the Big 5 Sporting Goods Store on Crow Canyon Place in San Ramon got an unexpected visitor Wednesday evening when a young man allegedly rammed the store in a car before speeding off with police in pursuit.

The bizarre incident got underway at 9:45 p.m. when the driver of the car allegedly accelerated into the store, backed off, and may have accelerated into it again.

Police from San Ramon and neighboring agencies closed in and gave chase as the severely damaged vehicle led several police cars on a northward chase along Camino Ramon which ended near the Black Bear Diner, the ramming car on metal rims and the youthful driver surrendering to officers without further incident.

Danville police had reportedly taken a call from a worried mother alerting them to the fact her special needs child had made off with her car after a family argument and was believed to be driving somewhere in the area. Passersby reported seeing a car hit various things and nearly hit other motorists before the car finally came to a halt.

The 14-year-old driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment and observation and no other injuries were reported though the employees at Big 5 apparently had their work cut out for them.


  1. What is a special needs child really? It’s not any child born in this century is it? There seems to be a surfeit of special need in countries of plenty. Does Syria have proportionately as many special needs children? Was the vehicle a ten year old Yaris or perhaps a newer BMW? I really hope I am totally wrong about this.

  2. those alerts were unintentionally amusing. imagined the sender typing away in a pool of sweat – phones and radios and computers beeping and alarms going off!!

    • @FReye – San Ramon PD looking for an individual in the area of Dougherty and Bollinger. Attempting to ascertain welfare.

  3. David,
    If you are going to comment on a topic, you really should do your home work.
    Special needs challenges could be physical, mental, or both capacities.
    It’s effected the rich, the poor and everyone in between.
    Now throw in the puberty aspect that every kid has to go threw and you
    have a really challenging kid to raise.
    This incident is what gives the parents of these Special needs kids nightmares. ( I know )
    Don’t be so quick to label this kid with affluenza.

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