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Moraga’s Canyon Bridge Re-Opens – One Lane Of It, Anyway – And It’s Getting A Workout


Moragans have been beset by traffic issues in recent months and some were starting to feel a little more cut off from the rest of the world than they would have liked.

We won’t mention the Unmentionable Hole as it has been successfully filled in and while engineers and construction people are still working on a more robust fix for the town Backdoor otherwise known as Canyon Bridge there is some good news to report.

A one-lane version of the leafy span is in place and, judging by the use it was getting from cars, bikers and walking folk Friday everyone appeared happy to see it back in some usable form.

“I felt sorry for the people in Canyon,” said Stephen Wasserman, a dedicated cyclist making a morning hop over the hill and across the bridge from Oakland. “I know they depended on emergency services getting through from this side and we were all hoping nothing went wrong. And, yes, it’s a real pretty bike ride.”

The town is working on building a more permanent – and wider – span for the future but Moraga’s civic leaders are counting their pennies and trying to remain thrifty in the face of a string of infrastructure problems that hit the town hard.

For the time being traffic is flowing along one of the town’s five key entry and egress points and townspeople and visitors familiar with the route appeared to be making up for lost time Friday.


    • @Matt – “When you refer to Bailey stuff I take it you mean that glorious, precision-made, British-built bridge which is the envy of the civilized world?”

  1. Drove across after I saw this! People seemed to have some issues with the signal but I thought it was good to have a bridge again.

  2. It’s a bridge. It worked. My only concern was the steel plating on the pedestrian walk is extremely slick — at least it was for me this morning. Ended up walking the bike across just to be safe.

  3. waste of time and money. if they had it up within 60 days of it failing, i get it put a temp up. its been half a year, everyone has already adjusted their route. so why waste over a million on a temp when we couple have a real bridge by mid feb and save the money. look I’m not a smart man but this is stupid

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