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Store Employees Break Up Attempted Jewelry Robbery At Danville Costco Monday


One of three men who allegedly attempted to smash their way into the jewelry cases of the Danville Costco store on Fostoria Way tonight, Monday, is in custody after he was tackled and taken down by store employees.

Police Chief Steve Simpkins said the trio entered the store at approximately 8:55 p.m. with one of the suspects, his face obscured by a ski mask, walking to a glass display case and breaking it with a hammer. Items were taken from the case, Simpkins said, though their description and value was not given.

Police said store employees confronted the trio, tackling one and holding him on the ground. The suspect with the ski mask ran into the parking lot and got into a vehicle and fled. The third fled in an unknown direction.

The suspect detained by employees, identified as Kesean Edwards, 21, of Oakland, was taken into custody by Danville Police officers. Edwards was transported to the Martinez Detention Facility and booked on charges of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary.

Danville Police detectives are continuing to investigate the crime and locate the remaining two suspects. Any person with information on the incident is encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department at (925) 820-2144.

At this point, there is no established connection between this crime and another, earlier occurrence at a vintage watch store in Walnut Creek last month. In that instance, two men entered the store while a third waited outside, one assaulting the owner while another attempted to smash his way into a display case with a hammer.

The men in that case were not found.


  1. Right at closing time. Those employees took a great risk and should be rewarded by the company IMO. We’ll see. Most just say to let them come and go.

    • @Gregg – Oh, no… it’s a big’un, but not by a long shot. But it looks like we’ve had about 30,000 people open it both here and on our Social Media pages. But we’ve had more widely disseminated stories…

  2. Unless it was a manager that tackled the suspect, which is highly unlikely unless it was 1 or 2 specific managers, more then likely the employee will be written up rather than thanked in anyway. I have seen them write up an employee for doing the same exact thing except he chased the guy down in the parking lot.

  3. Hopefully the perps walked by the Costco display demo’ing the 12 camera CCTV security system for $599.

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