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Armed Men Rob Elderly Couple On Indian Wells In Moraga Wednesday


Lamorinda police, aided by a police helicopter, flooded the streets near the Moraga Country Club after an elderly couple reported being robbed at gunpoint outside their Indian Wells home Wednesday night.

Officers were advised of the robbery at 10:27 p.m., responded to the scene and found that the victims, who are in their 70’s, had arrived home and parked in their driveway when they were confronted by two unknown Hispanic male adults. One subject pointed a handgun at the female and took her purse and another bag she was holding. The second subject confronted the elderly male and pushed him to the ground, causing minor injuries.

The suspects left the area and were last seen running east on Indian Wells towards St. Andrews. Officers from Orinda and Lafayette Police, as well as the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s helicopter, also responded and assisted in checking the area. However, the suspects remain outstanding.

The first suspect, with the handgun, was described as a Hispanic male adult in his mid-20s, 5’3” to 5’10”, stocky build, with a mustache, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and possibly wearing glasses.

The second suspect was described as a Hispanic male adult in his mid-20s, 5’6” to 5’10”, thin build, wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Anyone with information or who might have home surveillance video recordings in that area is asked to contact Lt. Brian South at 925-888-7052 or the Moraga Police Department at 925-284-5010 (24/7).


  1. idk, should i be carrying a decoy purse or one with a pocket chihuahua? More and more reckless criminal acts seem to be headed our way. Glad the victim was unharmed.

  2. Was getting in some practice on the putting green when the chopper showed up, but didn’t see anything else out of the ordinary. The wolves have certainly decided we Lamorindans are the sheep.

  3. I’m glad she’s okay. All we can do is take preventive measures, and have a cautious mindset. If someone has a gun, your only choice is to give it up.

  4. Camera’s with license plate readers are both a tool in solving crimes and a deterrent. They allow PD’s to solve crimes like this more efficiently and help spread the word in the degenerate criminal community that a particular geographic area has eyes on you. Cmon Moraga lets do it!

    • @Katherine – Cameras have been helpful in the past, it’s true. Keeping in mind that the men wanted for last night’s robbery would have to pass through cities where those cameras are in use to get here lends some comfort – unless they used the “back door.” Still pretty fresh, but after the incident in Lafayette last week, still on everyone’s mind.

  5. Katherine you are right!! Cameras and license plate readers are an amazing tool that could have a great impact for this community. Unfortunately it comes down to cost and the PD doesn’t have the funds to cover it. Now considering the system is only about 20k and people in this community donate about that same amount to a firework show every year….. it should be a no brainer. Unfortunately the wolves will continue to pray on the sheep as long as they continue to act like sheep.

  6. How ’bout crowdfunding? GoFundMe? Find a respectable point man/organization to point me (us) in the right direction and see what happens. We owe it to Lafayette and Orinda to close the points of ingress/egress for Lamorinda.

  7. Please keep us updated. We want these thugs caught!..and residents : please keep your eyes open for anything suspicious and report it to the police. The police want to check things out, so don’t feel timid or worry that you might offend feelings.

  8. PS: I wonder if criminals maybe also come to Moraga on BART and bus, and then plan to leave by other nefarious means? We need to be on lookout for that too.

    • @Greg T – we have confirmed that if the bad guys don’t have their own transportation they are using mass transit to visit.

  9. “we have confirmed that if the bad guys don’t have their own transportation they are using mass transit to visit.”

    That might work for Orinda & Lafayette if they stay close to the BART station, but that would have to be a long, nervous bus ride back from Moraga on the County Connection.

    Can you please follow up with Moraga PD to see if they have any suspicions about whether the victims might have been scoped out while getting groceries & followed home, or if they think the robbers were just strolling through the neighborhood looking for someone to jack?

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