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Monday Musings From 4,000… 3,600 Feet: Dump Trucks And A Window Popping?

"Trixie." She promises not to Loop The Loop over the 24/680 Split ever again...

Good morrrrrrniiinggg, Ground Huggers! It’s me, Trixie, behind the stick of the famous NEWS24/680 Sopwith and in the air again where I belong! I know it has been a long time.


Directly over the junction of our two freeways and on the lookout for traffic jams and Thunder Runners dodging those newfangled license plate reading cameras and heading for the county line this morning. Quiet so far though those stylish CHP boys (do they all get their uniforms tailored to fit or is it just me?) are pushing a loaded dump truck off of southbound Highway 680 at Treat and drivers don’t seem eager to get out and lend a hand.

Oh, my, a sleek looking Bombardier Global 6000 just burned through the Valley, cruising at 15,000AGL-plus and her driver just gave her the gas… she must be doing 400 knots and she is running like a greyhound for wherever she’s going. Hmm, speed and good looks aren’t everything. I’ll take the Sopwith anytime. Low and Slow, I say.

Whoa there! Looks like another possible windshield plinking on Highway 24, just west of I-680 and a freshly ventilated Dodge is pulling over to the shoulder, I guess to meet with the CHP. I’m banking over the area looking for that car we’ve been hearing about but so far I’m not seeing anything. I’ll try to hold it here until law enforcement arrives… even though I couldn’t do much even if we did spot the plinker. Maybe drop my thermos on him. That would shake him up a bit.

Beautiful and crisp out but then you already know that if you’re out and about, and from the look of it most of you are. I’m going to put the Sopwith into a slow bank and stay at the junction of our two freeways for a while, see what develops.

If you see me overhead, step out onto your porch and wave a hankie or something and I’ll give you a wing waggle! This is Trixie Goodheart, signing off for now!


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