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One In Custody After Police Pursue Stolen Car Into Orinda; Subject Flees On Foot

Photo: Office of the Sheriff

The driver of a stolen Toyota Camry led California Highway Patrol officers on a high-speed chase down I-680 and onto westbound Highway 24 Wednesday before abandoning the car in Orinda and fleeing on foot.

No description of the driver was immediately available as police, concerned by the Camry’s 120mph evasive action, pulled back out of concern for public safety.

After a brief tour of Lafayette the driver abandoned the car west of St. Stephens and may have fled into the Orindawoods area. Police have sealed off much of the area and have asked for canine tracking teams.

A sheriff’s helicopter is overhead. We’re getting multiple calls, folks, and will update this story here or on our Facebook page as necessary, without giving away police positions as they maneuver.

UPDATE: A man believed to be the driver of the vehicle in question has been taken into custody (8:50 p.m.).


  1. Thank you police! Aways are we thankful for you!
    It’s scary that these thugs will go 120 miles an hour on the freeway endangering everyone else.
    I wonder how does it all these newer cars are being stolen because I thought they all had theft deterrent systems installed and cannot be hot-wired or started without the key fob turning the alarm off?

  2. It is scary that they’re going 120 mph on the freeway. They could’ve killed someone. I’m glad he’s in custody. Great work LEO’s!

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