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Regulating The Riffraff; Walnut Creek Attempting The Impossible?



I watched and waited along with everyone else to see what would happen after a man was murdered on our city streets, apparently as a result of some gang trouble created in some other city, and I wondered how Walnut Creek’s leaders would react.

I don’t think any direct tie between that crime and the subsequent action taken by ABC against Redux Lounge has been cited, police and state officials saying only the number of police calls made to that business was behind the decision to suspend their liquor license and to place the business on a long probationary period. Any future infraction, we are left to presume, will mean bad things for the business and its owners.

But I am left to think that the city has in a large way brought this problem down on themselves with its apparent wish to present a vibrant and urban fashion and dining experience for people seeking such experiences downtown. My family enjoyed going downtown and still does from time to time even though we have to weave through an increasing number of homeless people who apparently have resources enough to spend on alcohol if not on housing and on some weekends groups of obviously vibrant celebrants who have consumed far too much of the local fare.

This can happen anywhere. We know that. And murders are by no means a daily occurrence. But the small town charm we sought by moving here appears to be eluding us more and more lately. While I can’t see that affecting our decision to live in this part of the East Bay it is impacting how we spend our time and money. I have to ask if the city is going to be able to get a handle on the problem they may have made themselves. It’s a Catch 22 scenario that may already be beyond our grasp to fix – I’m just hoping civic leaders are able to come to a workable solution in the future.


Daniel Pulsifer/Walnut Creek

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