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Monday Morning Crash At Rheem Boulevard and Zander Drive; One Injured

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Rheem Boulevard was closed at Zander Drive Monday after two cars tangled, injuring one of the motorists.

NEWS24/680 received a call of a speeder in that area shortly before this crash, reported at around 7:25 a.m., but police said the cause of the crash appeared to be the operator of one vehicle failing to yield to another.

Both Orinda and Moraga police responded to the crash and resultant traffic backup, steering diverting traffic for about 45 minutes while the wreckage was cleared.

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  1. Also a popular location for turning left or right onto Rheem immediately in front of oncoming traffic instead of waiting for the road to clear.

  2. The turn onto Rheem from Zander is virtually a blind turn. Looking to the left towards Orinda, there is only a partial view and even that is now largely blocked by overgrown greenery. Looking right there is literally no view of traffic until it crests the hill and by then it may well be too late. So, please know I do wait for traffic to clear before heading out and still risk a crash because of these poor visibility conditions. I’ve regularly complained to Orinda city engineers who say there is no history of accidents at the intersection and therefore no need for further action.

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