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Hit And Run Crash Touches Off Foot Chase In Orinda As Occupants Flee Police


Lamorinda police detained five people who fled from the wreckage of a car which crashed on Camino Pablo at Highway 24 at 2:20 p.m. Thursday.

Police Chief Mark Nagel said his department was notified of a hit and run crash that occurred on Westbound Highway 24 at Camino Pablo at about that time, with five occupants of that car running towards the Pine Grove Business Park in Orinda.

Orinda, Lafayette, California Highway Patrol units – supported by a Sheriff’s helicopter – responded to the area, ultimately detaining five people in various locations throughout the business park.  Two of the occupants had outstanding warrants, according to Nagel, who thanked adjacent jurisdictions for their response and community members who “assisted by telling us they saw the suspects running towards the business park.”

Two of those detained were treated for minor injuries. The CHP is investigating the cause of the crash.

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    • Good morning, Chris. Do you mean a secondary pickup/getaway vehicle or a “trigger” car intended to set the crash in motion (insurance scam). We have not information pointing to either scenario. Do you have some inside info we don’t? (Always possible!)

  1. This roll your car and run in all directions thing should qualify as an Olympic sport! It’s like they practice the maneuver.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Olympics, but I don’t care to see “felony warrants, Lamorinda style” as the next event. I would think they’re running (while the rest of us would stay) because they have warrants out for their arrest, and they didn’t want to go to jail.

    • … as proved true – the warrants part you mention – for at least two out of three of the runners, Danielle. Apparently, an outstanding warrant is a great motivator… a few personal best records were set yesterday.

  3. I think of “hit and run” as being a car hitting another car or person and then having the first car and/or occupants fleeing the scene. But this sounds like a solo car accident. Maybe still technically “hit and run” I don’t know. I was asking out of concern for occupants of car they hit (if they exist).

    Do we known what the warrants were for?

    I think society would be better off if we didn’t put out warrants for non-violent drug offenders or for failure to pay parking and speeding tickets. In other words, people who have broken the “rules” and/or owe money to the government (but have done nothing immoral), should not live in fear of being thrown in jail. This fear causes all kinds of bad behavior / inefficiency. Obviously, warrants for violent offenders (and people who do things that are BOTH “wrong” AND agains the rules) are fine.

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