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Not To Be Outdone, Orinda Claims Sinkhole Of Its Own Thursday

Photo: Reader Submission

UPDATE: Neighbors on Glorietta at Daryl reporting their water is coming back on: 6:43 p.m.

Miffed, perhaps, at all the attention Moraga seemed to be getting after the Great Rains of March opened up a sinkhole at the foot of Rheem Boulevard, neighbors said Orinda appears to have a Great Depression of its own.

Readers said the failure of an 8-inch main on Glorietta Blvd. at Daryl Drive in Orinda opened up a can of worms Thursday with East Bay Municipal Utilities District workers moving swiftly to pump water out of a hole there and restore it where it belongs – in local homes.

A neighbor said an EBMUD worker was at the bottom of the hole inspecting the main when it failed:

“One guy was down at the bottom when the little leak blew open much bigger,” our reader wrote. “The video is on his phone. Was wild, rapids, Hellish.”

A witness said the hole filled with water in seconds, with the worker scrambling out safely.

Veteran readers may remember an earlier failure at that location, which also resulted in nearby homes going without water while a bunch of it flowed down culverts and into a local creek.


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