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Wet Wednesday Leaves One Dead; Commuters Fuming

Moraga Way crash. Photo: Gary Peterson

A slippery day in the 24/680 led to a number of crashes across Central County – with a Martinez woman killed in a head-on accident early in the day and a series of crashes tying up traffic and elevating tempers as commuters slowed to a crawl

California CHP investigators are looking into the cause of a fatal crash on Pacheco Blvd. in which a 27-year-old Martinez woman was killed after her car swerved into oncoming traffic and was struck head on at Arthur Rd.

Tandiwe Myambo was traveling east on Pacheco Boulevard when her Honda unexpectedly swerved and struck a Dodge pick-up truck.

Myambo was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The 5:29 a.m. crash was followed by another on Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek, with CHP officers declaring a SIG Alert for that crash in an effort to clear the highway. A minor injury was reported.

Traffic on Moraga Road between Moraga and Lafayette was stopped in its tracks after a Campolindo student apparently rolled her car on Moraga Road past Sky Hi at 8:38 a.m. Again, minor injuries were reported in that crash but the morning commute, as one motorist caught in it said, “was toast.”

And local traffic was reduced to a crawl again at 2:33 p.m. when a car (pictured) apparently left Moraga Way and rammed a tree near Leslee Lane.


  1. More rain on the way and it seems people are SPEEDING UP!! People are dying and no one seems to care. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Have to do some driving today so I am on the road and keeping my fingers crossed. Also hope I don’t get any Flashers from you guys!! Drive safely everyone — I’m going to. And please don’t hit me.

  3. Cant handle reading about someone dying in a car wreck. It seems so senseless. Condolences to all those left to deal with the loss.

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